Interaction Design

The success of your project greatly depends on an engaging user experience. We explore the system workflow from every angle, always thinking in the end users’ shoes. By using new technology and advances in human-computer interaction, we ensure the interface is streamlined and incredibly simple to use. This leads to easy adoption, higher conversion and substantially less need for ongoing support.

No matter how great your product or service is, it’s all for nothing if potential customers have a negative experience when trying to navigate your website or app.

It’s an unfortunate fact that despite being one of THE most important to consider, user experience is often one of the most neglected elements of online business presence.

You can outrank all competition, have fantastic social media engagement & be seen as a trusted authority in your industry via content marketing, but none of that matters if your site won’t convert the traffic that generates into business.

But it’s not just our opinion or advice, for instance:

  • 79% of users will find another website to complete the task they’re trying to perform if they have a negative experience on yours
  • About half (48%) of mobile users say they feel frustrated and annoyed (never a good thing for any business, let alone online conversion) when they visit sites that are poorly optimised for their device
  • Shoppers now research online before buying 81% of the time!
  • 82% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content on your blog and 79% of consumers learn about your company through your blog (which makes it an essential trust building tool)
  • 90% of users have reported that they’ll stop using an app due to poor performance, while 86% will delete or uninstall an app for the same reason
  • And THIS one is the most important. It is projected that by 2020, User Experience will overtake products and services as the main differentiation between brands. Think seriously about that.

The fact of the matter is that consumers aren’t being catered to well enough online in a large portion of cases, so call us today on 1300 382 777 or send us through an enquiry to make sure your website or app is traffic watertight.