The Ultimate SEO Guide for Australian Businesses in 2020

An effective SEO strategy is not just about website traffic. It goes hand in hand with beautiful user experience. In this 2020 SEO Guide, you will find the latest insights based on the latest Google Algorithm core update.


In September 2019, Google has published a core update to its algorithm. Tens of thousands of Australian business sites have been affected, and that might include yours. 

User experience and website traffic are equally important for an effective SEO strategy. Based on this philosophy and previous experience, our marketing and SEO specialists have put together this ultimate SEO Guide for Australian Business in 2020. In this document, you will find some of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid, and that is not limited to website ranking factors.


This SEO guide highlighted the importance of user experience and conversion rate optimisation, how to effectively optimise for featured snippets, and why keyword density is not the only key factor when it comes to an effective SEO strategy. 

Digital8’s marketing team have 7 years of experience with SEO and inbound marketing. We are experts at crafting smooth site experience and optimising website conversion rate. We not only create top quality websites with smooth user experience but also deliver tailored digital marketing campaigns with high conversion rate.