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PatchPets is a pet social networking app that was designed to connect dogs and dog owners to their local dog-friendly communities. PatchPets faced incredible success by exceeding the initial marketing goals for the first month by three times.

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Over 3,000 Active Users In One Month

Digital8 had been working alongside PatchPets from the very beginning – from the brainstorming of the application to mainly focusing on digital marketing strategies. We completed the majority of the research and justification of the app idea, and this helped us with the redesign later on.

User Centered App Design & Development

The success of an app largely depends on the usability, user experience, and content that users interact with. PatchPets’ initial version had many issues regarding the design and functionality but with the help of our UX/UI designers and web developers here at Digital8 we were able to transform it into a viable product for the audience.

Digital8 was fortunate enough to partake with PatchPets in this exploration to create a viable application for their desired target audience. Rather than simply designing based on assumption, our design and development team clearly identified the functionality that PatchPets’ users would value the most and how it correlates with other pages.

PatchPets exceeded the initial marketing goals by 3 times

Optimisation + Strategy = Marketing Success

Reflecting on the marketing success, there are three key factors determining the positive campaign outcome:

1. Being familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of all marketing tactics;
Being adventurous enough to test out your assumption based on your experience;
Being able to measure ongoing performance to select the most suitable marketing tactics combination. 

When entrepreneurs need more than 24 hours a day to work, it’s important to strategically put time and money into things that bring value.

Digital8 strategised PatchPets’ marketing plan with a combination of digital tactics and traditional brand awareness marketing campaigns. The marketing strategy has included a wide range of different tactics including app store optimisation (ASO), search engine optimisation (SEO), mobile app-installation focused social media ads, google and app store ads, dog park photobooth campaign, and more. Comparing to traditional advertising, social media ads and app store ads can specifically target the right type of audience for our client. Digital8 focused on creating brand awareness and app promotion ads based on the primary business goals of PatchPets. Using the powerful impact of media exposure to support any online campaign, Digital8 managed to maximise the full advantage of each marketing tactics in this campaign.

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