Queensland Health | Australian Teletrial Program Website Case Study

Queensland Health | Presenting regional clinical trial program with a bespoke WordPress website

Queensland Health’s Australian Teletrial Program aims to improve access and participation in clinical trials in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia.

Queensland Health engaged Digital8 to build a responsive website for the Australian Teletrial Program with a 10-day turnaround. The goal of the project was to present this new program with a simple user interface and for the stakeholders to share its new digital presence at an upcoming conference. 

The web design and development team at Digital8 was up to the challenge of building a fully responsive, bespoke WordPress website that matched Queensland Health’s existing marketing assets within the tight deadline. 

Our developers remained in constant communication with the Queensland Health team to ensure their needs were met and offered training for the client on how to use WordPress, allowing stakeholders to make updates to the website if needed in the future.

3 Device Mockup Aus Teletrial

Digital8 launched the Australian Teletrial Program website in May 2022 to help Queensland Health reach more Australians in remote communities and improve clinical trials in underserved areas.

The Problem

Queensland Health required a digital agency to design and develop a simple, user-friendly website for their new Australian Teletrial Program. 

The most pressing goal was to present the new site at their upcoming conference and, in the end, the client needed the website to be complete in only 10 days.

Understanding the Business Objectives

The main business objective for Queensland Health was to have a functional, responsive website for the Australian Teletrial Program that was simple and easy to navigate. The brief also required Digital8’s designers to match their existing marketing assets already in place.

With the website, Queensland Health aims to reach patients, clinical teams and sponsors in rural, remote and regional Australian communities which was to be reflected in the structure of the website. 

Additionally, Queensland Health required a simple backend interface so that their stakeholders had the ability to update the website as needed in the future.

Digital8 was able to meet these business objectives by sticking to simple yet effective website design and building the website using WordPress for efficiency and future ease of use.

Our Process

1. Scope

Our development team met with Queensland Health to go over the scope of the project. It was made clear that the website should look and feel like the existing marketing assets that were already in place for the Australian Teletrial Program.

Digital8 created a 10-day delivery schedule to ensure that all of the required tasks were completed by the fast-approaching deadline. All parties agreed on the outlined scope and the project was moved into the design stage.

2. Design

Incorporating UI/UX best practices, Digital8 created templates of each page of the Australian Teletrial Program website. These were vetted for technical feasibility by the development team and then sent to Queensland Health for approval.

The design stage of this project was fast-tracked to account for the tight deadline and as soon as the templates were approved, the development stage began.

3. Development

The development stage began on the Australian Teletrial Program website immediately once the mockups were approved by Queensland Health. As the deadline was quickly approaching, our team made sure to devote all their available time to the execution of this important project.

Our web developers used WordPress to create multi-functional templates that could be easily updated by the Queensland Health team in the future. 

Not only is the on-page user experience easy to navigate but the backend CMS is also easy for admins to manage. The website was built in a dev environment and the client offered constructive feedback for our developers which was quickly implemented. 

Once all the necessary changes were made and Queensland Health was happy with the result, our developers moved onto the deployment stage.

4. Deployment

The Digital8 development team worked after hours to deploy the finalised Australian Teletrial Program website to make sure the deadline was met. 

Once the website went live, Digital8 sent Queensland Health training on how to make changes in WordPress so they could make updates to the website in the future. 

Digital8 also provides WordPress hosting for the Australian Teletrial Website and offered a generous three-month warranty should any technical issues arise.

The Challenges

The main challenge we came across during this project was the 10-day turnaround. Building a website on such a tight deadline requires a lot of timeline adjustments and expedited communication with the client. 

Our Solutions

Digital8 used WordPress to create robust, time-saving templates with an easy-to-use interface for the client to manage once the project was handed over. 

As a result, we were able to meet the client’s deadline while also creating a high-quality, responsive website. Additionally, by maintaining open communication with the client and dedicating all of our available resources to the project, Digital8 delivered on time.

“We really appreciate your efforts in developing a professional website for our Program. Thanks for being so responsive and working with us to get the website as we wanted it.”
Sarah Bloxsom, Project Manager at Queensland Health


The Australian Teletrial Program website was launched in May 2022. Stakeholders at Queensland Health were impressed by the efficiency and quality of the work completed by the Digital8 team within such a short time frame.

  • Digital8 met Queensland Health’s business objectives by creating a responsive website that matched its current marketing assets with a bespoke WordPress UI solution.
  • Digital8 met the time-sensitive deadline while offering an easy-to-use backend interface for the Queensland Health team.
  • Digital8 offered training on how to use the WordPress CMS to ensure a smooth handover.

By simplifying the web development process and remaining in constant communication with the client, Digital8 was able to deliver digital business solutions in less than 10 days to the satisfaction of stakeholders at Queensland Health.

View the Australian Teletrial Program website

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