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What good is a restaurant, without food? What good is a car, without fuel? What good is a website, without visitors? And what better website visitors are there than people who are looking for exactly the service, product, or information that you offer? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) carried out by experienced SEO professionals like those at Digital8 unlock growth opportunities that no other marketing channel can match. If you are looking for a way to turn on a fire hydrant of high volume, high quality and relevant leads this is the tactic that works best.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is the school of digital marketing and web design that focuses on getting websites ranking in search engines (though sometimes content like videos, or even apps can be optimised for search engines). More often than not it refers to getting websites ranking in mainstream search engines, such as Bing, but most notably Google. Our approach to SEO is to create websites that Google (and other search engines) wants to share prominently with their users. We have, through years of testing and research (and not a small amount of failure), come up with a repeatable process for designing, developing and growing websites that generate large volumes of organic search traffic.

How Do We Optimise Websites For Search?

Search Engine Optimisation can be broadly divided into three separate but equally important undertakings. The first is SEO-friendly web design. A search engine prefers to share websites that have world-class user experience. The quality of a search engine is only as good as the quality of the results it lists. So ensuring that your website provides a fantastic user experience, also ensures that search engines are happy to show the website to their own users. The second is increasing your website domain’s authority as viewed by the search engine’s algorithm or sometimes referred to as “Link Building” when referring to web search engines. This is how a search engine determines the credibility or “strength” of a website. The third is the production of SEO-friendly content. This might be the creation of keyword laden landing pages aimed at ranking for specific search terms, or it might be the production of informative feature articles aimed at ranking for people who are researching for information. This is the main way that Google determines what a website is all about. At Digital8 we provide expert services on all three fronts.

SEO Friendly Web Design 

Our websites are built in a way that contributes positively, not negatively to your search engine rankings. Too many times we have had clients come to us for SEO after having a website designed and developed without someone considering search engine optimisation. This means we have to spend the first part of the project redesigning something you may have already paid for just to make it work with search. 

Over time search engines, particularly Google, have gotten very good at determining user experience quality analytically.  So of course, it is important that the website is designed with users in mind, not just search engines. We walk this line expertly. Our web designers are high-quality, educated, and experienced user experience strategists, that are then trained in search engine optimisation. This ensures that you get the best of both worlds.

Increasing Your Domain Authority – How to Make A Search Engine Confident In You

It is not enough to just have a great website. If you are a new business startup, or simply one that has yet to make an earnest effort to take advantage of search, chances are that your competitors have gotten the jump on you. Google, Bing and other search engines “scrape” and analyse the entire web for references to your brand and hyperlinks pointing at your website in order to determine the website’s “authority” score. This is one of the more pronounced ways a search engine determines confidence in your brand and decides which websites to show to a user searching for a specific thing. 

At Digital8 we understand how to develop link generation strategies (link building) that rapidly improve your website’s authority, and provide search engines with the trust that your website is one to share.

SEO Content Production – Topical Relevance

Ensuring that your website is written in an SEO friendly way is probably the most well known, and simplest part of the SEO process. By using SEO tools to gain understanding in how your potential customers use search (keyword analysis), we are able to then create written copy for your website that provides search engines with the information necessary to know what you are all about, and with a quality that encourages the search engine to show your pages higher than others. 

What You Need to Know About SEO

SEO is most often done to assist with lead generation. For most businesses, SEO is the greatest opportunity for lead generation that exists. Appearing prominently in search engines when users are looking for service providers, gets you high volumes of high-quality leads. Unlike other digital marketing tactics, your leads often come pre-qualified, as a result of having searched for the services you offer, which in turn means you spend less time selling and more time closing. Put simply it turns your website into your most effective salesperson.

Our SEO approach

Our approach is simplified to make it easy to understand.

  • Build your website in a way that search engines like.
  • Develop an understanding of the phrases and keywords your customers use when searching for products and services.
  • Produce pages with SEO-friendly content for everything that you want to appear in the search for, starting with the things that generate you the best return of investment.
  • Create links, mentions, and references to your brand across the web, to help grow your brand’s authority.
  • Help you and your team better understand how to incorporate SEO into your everyday business dealings.


  • An audit of your website to determine required improvements to bring it up to standard from SEO, or a website that already is up to standard (if you are building a website with us).
  • A benchmark of your current SEO status, featuring highlights of your ranking keywords, organic traffic volumes, best pages, and competitive metrics.
  • Content support. Depending on your resources and the technical knowledge required to write for your niche, we can either provide your existing team with guidance and ideas for the content, or we can just write it ourselves for you.
  • New links, citations, and references every month, iteratively growing your authority.
  • Monthly meetings to go through your previous month’s results and plan the following month.

Marketing Resources

Digital8's digital marketing campaigns incorporate a myriad of channels

Sophisticated Analytics Tools

Digital8 aim for the best SEO strategy for you, and to do this we make sure we keep up to date with trends and the latest and most sophisticated SEO tools. We are committed to finding new and innovative ways to improve our current strategies and ensure our clients across Brisbane and Australia achieve their maximum potential. SEO techniques that worked just a few months ago may not be the best practice now, and we understand this and it shows in our highly sophisticated work.

Top-Quality Site Optimisation

Our professional team are highly experienced in everything you need to optimise your web pages for search engines and organic traffic. We have top quality programs and industry skills that allow our team to best undertake keyword research and competitor analysis, SEO-optimised landing pages, content optimisation, metadata management and technical SEO auditing, backlink building, local SEO, conversion tracking and more. We pride ourselves in creating highly optimised pages for your business and achieving your goals.

More than SEO

Our other fundamental services are marketing strategy, SEO, SEM, as well as website and app design and development.

Delivering digital strategyworld-class websitesmobile appsecommerce solutions, and custom software to business in Brisbane and around the world.

We think strategically. We will work partnership with your business to formulate the best digital strategy, design, develop and implement it.

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