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Stand out from your competitors on Google and ensure your website ranks higher than the others on search engines with our SEO Gold Coast services. Trust our SEO experts to help you earn more website traffic and increase your sales through search engine optimisation.

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Our SEO Services


Technical SEO Audit

When dealing with search engine optimization, you’re actually dealing with a complex search engine algorithm. So, it makes sense that a big part of SEO is the technical aspects of optimising your website. As part of your Gold Coast SEO services, we’ll do a complete technical SEO audit. We’ll find any broken links or forgotten pages on your site. Then, we’ll make a plan of action to fix those technical errors and get your website running smoothly, making it easier for the algorithms to crawl.


Content Creation

As the saying goes, content is king and you can’t do SEO without solid SEO content writing. Content writing for SEO is more than just whipping up a blog post and calling it a day. There’s an entire strategy behind most content on any major website and our SEO content writing services can help your website compete on search engines. SEO content writing incorporates keyword research, structured data and other specific techniques tailored to the way search engines read your website content. 


Local Gold Coast SEO Services

Local SEO is all about targeting your SEO efforts towards your local area. Especially if you have a brick and mortar location on the Gold Coast, it’s especially important that you’re capturing organic traffic from people who are able to visit your store or restaurant in person. Local SEO helps small businesses break through the noise that national or global companies might normally take over. With local Gold Coast SEO strategies, we can make sure your Burleigh boutique or Pimpama car wash is found on search engines by the people near you.


Enterprise SEO

We don’t solely cater to small businesses, we also offer SEO for larger scale enterprises. Most enterprise – level companies have website with hundreds of pages and locations all around the world, with customers speaking multiple different languages. This requires a bespoke SEO strategy. We’ll formulate an enterprise SEO strategy that speaks to your various customer personas while targeting both broad and local keywords.

What Our Clients Say

We pride ourselves on providing only the best SEO services. With our in-house team of digital marketers, project managers, developers, and account executives, we’ll handle your website with care and provide you with relevant updates every step of the way.

concrete Taxi SEO improvement

Concrete Taxi- SEO (18 Months)

Concrete Taxi offer fast & efficient small batch concrete delivery services across Australia. They take pride in only batching what you require, leaving no room for waste and unnecessary disposal fees. Concrete Taxi engaged Digital8 with the main objectives of improving their website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) , as well as boosting their online presence, brand awareness and website traffic.


keywords improved to Google SERP Page 1 Position 1-3
(March 2022 – October 2023)


keywords improved to Google SERP Page 1 (March 2022 – October 2023)


web traffic increase (March 2022 – October 2023)

SEO Gold Coast: Is It Worth It?

One of the first questions many of our clients asked us when deciding whether to invest in SEO was – is it worth it? It’s a valid concern because search engine optimisation isn’t an exact science and it can be difficult to measure the ROI on your efforts.

The truth is, SEO relies heavily on search engine algorithms and updates to these algorithms can sometimes wreak havoc on all the hard work put into a solid SEO strategy. Unlike paid advertising where you set a budget and get guaranteed eyeballs, SEO can easily feel like a shot in the dark.

But is it worth it? We’d still say yes, SEO is worth it in the long run. When you invest in SEO for the long term, the compounding results can be amazing. Google is one of the most popular websites in the world where people are literally searching for something you offer. So optimising your website to get free listing space on Google is incredibly lucrative.

Plus, if your competitors are asking themselves the same thing and deciding not to invest in SEO, that’s even more opportunity there for the taking.

Sure, if you’ve got a super tight budget and you simply need sales now, paid advertising might be your best bet for quick wins. But then again, depending on your industry, it may be a good idea to invest in SEO optimisation in the short term to earn long term, free listings on Google’s search results pages.

When deciding whether or not SEO is worth it for you, we’ll go over your options, figure out what digital marketing you’re already doing, and offer sincere guidance on your options. While we believe in the power of SEO for Gold Coast businesses, we’ll be honest about whether or not we think it’s right for you.

Because we offer paid search advertising, social media marketing and other forms of digital marketing in addition to SEO, we’ll be able to send you in the right direction whether that means investing in SEO services or not.

We’re transparent about the real challenges faced when doing SEO digital marketing and it’s not always the right time. Plus, if you’re in a completely saturated niche, there might truly be better avenues for you to go down.

All in all, it really depends on your budget, industry, competitiveness and more when deciding whether or not SEO is worth it. But overall we’re firm believers that in most cases, yes – investing in Gold Coast SEO services can have huge benefits and is definitely worth it in the long term.

Ready to get started with our Gold Coast SEO services today? Chat with us to set up a kick-off meeting to go over your digital marketing options and we’ll help your sort out if SEO is worth it for your business.

What Makes Us The No 1 SEO Agency On The Gold Coast

SEO agencies are a dime a dozen these days. And we’re here to tell you that they’re not all created equal. In fact, there’s a huge range of variation between one Gold Coast SEO company and the next.

Some SEO agencies have so many clients that they only spend a few minutes each week working on your account. Others have so few that you can’t get in without an insane budget.

We’re the No 1 SEO agency for a few key reasons:

We’re passionate about the power of SEO.

Since SEO is a long-term game that usually requires at least 3-6 months before it really starts working, it’s easy for agencies to push it to the wayside. But we’re passionate about SEO because it gives businesses an extremely cost-effective marketing tool when done right. If you’re willing to invest in the short-term, you can see lasting long-term benefits by optimising your website for search engines and we’re passionate about helping you get there so that you save money over time by earning organic traffic through search engines.
We work with your budget. We offer flexible contracts that we customise to fit your budget and requirements. We know that SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Some niches are more competitive. Some websites only have a handful of pages. Some businesses may just need an extra hand to build backlinks or write SEO content. No matter what, we work with your budget to make sure our SEO services work for you.
We are an in-house digital marketing team. With us, what you see is what you get. We have SEO consultants, content writers, account managers, developers and more working in-house on your account. Long story short, the people you meet with during your kick-off are the ones who are working on your SEO strategy.
We’re the perfect blend of technical and creative. We started out as a web development agency and naturally grew into a full-service digital agency. In the process, we’ve created a well-rounded team that’s both technical and creative, offering you the best of both worlds. Since SEO is truly a blend of both these aspects, it’s the perfect match for your Gold Coast SEO services.
We have over a decade of experience. Digital8 was founded in 2012 and we know our way around the digital space. While all of our SEO experts are skilled in the best practices of the craft, there’s no amount of skill that can make up for a lack of experience. That’s why we’re proud to have been in business for over 10 years and we’re keen to share our plethora of knowledge with you.

So, if you’re ready to work with the No 1 SEO agency, look no further!

Core Pillars Of Effective SEO

Keyword Research

Keywords are essentially the queries that are entered into search engines like Google. When we do keyword research, we’re analysing the data about how often those keywords are searched, how competitive those terms are, and what the intent of each keyword is.

On-Page Optimizations

What is on-page SEO anyway? Well, it’s what it sounds like. It’s all the SEO efforts we put on a web page or the content that appears to your audience. On-page SEO includes your product pages and blog posts, it’s your images and URLs, and it’s your link strategy.

Technical SEO

While you might already know that SEO is about blog posts and content creation, what a lot of business owners miss out on when it comes to SEO is that it’s actually super technical. After all, SEO is all about optimising your website for search engine algorithms to easily crawl and understand what you do so that it can rank you accordingly.

Link Building

Another major aspect of SEO that we build into our process is link building. Links are important for SEO because the way search engine algorithms crawl your website is through links. So, not only will we create an internal linking strategy to help search engines understand the structure of your website, but we’ll also create a link building strategy for secure external links, also known as backlinks.

Highly recommend! Been working with Manny, Pasindu & Freja at Digital8 since January, and it has been an absolute pleasure. They add great value to the table, through a high level of professionalism and communication. It’s always a treat coming in to visit the team! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to work with an experienced, professional and fun agency!

Jarrod Coleman Concrete Taxi Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is a series of processes and strategies that can make websites more appealing to search engine algorithms and therefore helps these websites show up on search engine results pages. In other words, if you want to show up at the top of the list of results that pop up when you Google something, then you need SEO Gold Coast.


SEO is different from paid Google Search Ads which also show up on search results pages in that SEO focuses on organic (or free) results. By optimising your website using tried and true SEO best practices, you can have better chances of showing up in organic results.


But the truth is, SEO is not a science. Unlike paid advertising where you’re promised a certain number of impressions, organic search results are more difficult to predict. However, it’s still a lucrative digital marketing tool for Gold Coast businesses big and small.


At the end of the day, a website that’s good for search engines is a website that’s good for users. It loads quickly, is easy to navigate and includes content that’s relevant to what your audience is looking for. Then, with some technical tweaks and knowing where to look in the meta data, our SEO specialists take it to the next level, giving search engines exactly what they’re looking for.


Gone are the days when you could just slap a bunch of keywords on a page and rank on Google. These algorithms get smarter and smarter every day which is why many businesses opt for expert SEO support. So, if you want to rank on Google and earn more organic traffic, let us help you make SEO work for your business.

The cost of SEO on the Gold Coast varies depending on the size of your website, the state it’s in, your niche and a few other factors. Of course, we’ll also take your budget into consideration when offering you a quote for our SEO services but long story short, the cost of Gold Coast SEO really depends.


We offer month-to-month contracts so that you’ll never feel locked in but we also recommend that if you opt for our SEO Gold Coast services, you commit to at least a year of consistent optimisation. That’s because it takes at least three to six months for SEO to start working. It’s a long-term strategy and to get real ROI, it takes time.


So, because SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy, you should take this into consideration when it comes to the cost. However, over time, your ROI can easily compound since once you start ranking on page one of search engine results pages, free traffic going to your website increases exponentially.


After all, ranking on Google is technically free and much more cost-effective than most paid advertising – but only if it’s done right. Still, paying an SEO consultant on the Gold Coast to maintain your search engine optimisation standards is essentially the same as making sure someone is keeping your website a high-quality experience for users. So, we like to see it as a win-win for our clients and their audiences by investing in quality SEO services.

Contact us today and we’ll send you a quote for your bespoke SEO services in Gold Coast.

Typically, it takes between three to six months before you’ll start to rank for your website keywords on search engine results pages. However, it’s important to keep in mind that search engine algorithms are changing all the time and depending on your niche, it could take even longer.


Still, in our experience, we’ve seen results in as little as a month in some instances so it really just depends. SEO is definitely a long-term strategy and deals with a lot of moving parts. It’s not an exact science and won’t be right for you if you’re not willing to manage some volatility in performance now and then.


To give you some context, some keywords are more competitive than others and therefore take longer to rank for. In some cases, let’s say if you’re a small insurance broker, it’s doubtful that you’ll outrank an insurance giant like NRMA for a competitive keyword like ‘car insurance’.


When you meet with your SEO consultant to go over goals, we’ll make sure your expectations are clear so that you can make the most of our SEO Gold Coast services and rank for website keywords that are relevant, appropriately competitive and worth our efforts. 


But keep in mind, you don’t always need to rank #1 to see positive results from SEO in terms of traffic and conversions. So, while we can’t give you an exact time frame in terms of how long it’ll take to rank for your website keywords, we’ll always keep you updated with monthly reports and performance analytics to ensure everything’s on track.

To choose the right local Gold Coast SEO agency, there are a few things to consider: experience, expertise, and attitude. 


First, you’ll want to make sure the SEO agency you choose has relevant experience as well as industry knowledge. While it’s definitely possible for your SEO company to have never worked with exactly your type of business and still be successful, it’s always better to choose experts who have many years of relevant experience.


Next, be sure that the local Gold Coast SEO agency you choose has real SEO expertise. The truth is, search engine optimisation isn’t as easy as it might seem. It requires both technical and creative skills to build a well-rounded strategy that gets real results. So, while there are freelancers out there touting cheap SEO services, just be aware that true expert SEO consultants are worth the investment.


Finally, choose a local SEO agency in Gold Coast with the right attitude. Sure, an agency might have the experience and expertise you’re looking for but if they perform their SEO services with a bad attitude, it’s not worth it. Spend your time and money on an SEO company with a positive attitude and friendly demeanour. 


Here at Digital8, we’re proud to have all three – experience, expertise and the right attitude. We’ll not only perform your SEO services to the highest standards, we’ll do so with a smile and a friendly attitude to help make working with us an absolute pleasure.

Get started with our local Gold Coast SEO agency services. Chat with us!

At Digital8, we have an SEO consultant in-house who is responsible for your SEO campaigns. We don’t outsource your SEO to 3rd parties as we believe we can do the best job when we’re part of the process from start to finish. Your SEO consultant will be with you in every meeting for a true continuity of service. We’ll really get to know you and your brand for the best SEO services possible.


The truth is, many Gold Coast SEO agencies will outsource their SEO work to 3rd parties, usually in foreign countries where the services are offered at much cheaper prices. However, this often becomes an issue because they don’t know the ins and outs of your business or the Australian market. While we’ll always do everything we can to ensure our SEO services are as cost effective as possible, we won’t outsource the SEO work we do for you.


Plus, we also have in-house web developers, designers, project managers, and account managers so that you can trust that the experts you meet with in our offices are the ones working on your account. 

We measure SEO success in a few key ways: rankings, impressions, clicks, traffic, and conversions. 

Since SEO is all about search engines, it makes sense that the first metric we use to measure SEO success is rankings on search engine results pages. As we start to fix any technical errors on your website, create new content, and re-organise your site structure, it won’t be long before you’ll start to see your rankings improve. 


We’ll also measure organic impressions and clicks from search engine results. Impressions are a measurement of how many users saw your listing in the search results. However, just because there was an impression doesn’t mean there was a click on that listing. So, clicks are simply when a user clicks on your listing. We’ll know something’s off if you’re getting a lot of impressions but not a lot of clicks. It means we may either be targeting the wrong keyword or our meta title and description isn’t strong enough.


Traffic is a huge metric for measuring SEO success because when you rank higher and earn more impressions and clicks, that traffic is going to your website, building your brand and selling your products and services. And remember, the best part is organic traffic is free!


But, what really matters is that SEO is providing you with actual conversions (sales or leads). When the traffic that SEO sends to your website actually increases conversions, we know we’re targeting strong, relevant keywords and the structure of your website is clear and easy to navigate. 

We use enterprise-level software to measure these signals and we’ll go through a monthly report with you to ensure we’re on the right track and making the right choices. 

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