What we did

  • website
  • The challenge

    Coronis is one of Australia’s largest real-estate companies. The Coronis website requires regular website and server maintenance as the website receives extremely high levels of traffic. The high level of traffic affected the server performance and website speed.
  • The outcome

    Digital8 developed a solution to migrate the website to a new server, which was well suited to their performance requirements. Furthermore, Digital8 conducted database tuning to continually optimise and improve the website performance. The solution included testing the existing coding for incorrect functionality, fixing errors found and rewriting queries to improve the website response time. Additionally, their website maintenance improvement plan included Digital8 developing a new website template and functionality to have a competitive advantage within their industry by producing new features: New agent profile pages, new agent search functions (map based) and integration with external API's such as Hummingbird and Mailchimp.

Application / Interaction Design