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The Tshirt Mill

Digital8 used digital strategy and constant optimisation to cut through a competitive market and created a successful campaign for our client T Shirt Mill.

Digital Marketing

Overcame a competitive market through a paid & organic marketing strategy.

The Tshirt Mill is a garment printing company who has an incredible range of printing and embroidery methods. The Tshirt Mill does everything from once-off shirt designs to large scale events that require printing in bulk. They have a large fanbase with 22,000 followers on Facebook and an impressive website that shows you can be professional but still a little tongue-in-cheek.

Digital8 was lucky enough to partner with The Tshirt Mill and their two secondary websites, Tees Today and Shirt Me to help them align their digital marketing channels and boost not only the number of people visiting their website, but also increase the number of well-dressed people in Australia.

Digital Strategy & Google Ads

The Tshirt printing industry is very cut throat and competitive in the digital sphere. With multiple businesses fighting for top search engine ranking, traditional search engine marketing can be difficult to perform well in. Initially, the three brands were competing with each other for the same ad space  making the ad space even more competitive. Digital8 combined the company’s Google Adwords adsets into one campaign and optimised each website to rank for a different niche in the market they were best known for. This little ‘hack’ was an almost instant success. Not only did the conversions and sales instantly increase but the cost per conversion dropped by $30!

Our neighbours The TShirt Mill are also one of our favourite clients

We provide The Tshirt Mill with a multi channel marketing strategy


Just like t-shirts, Facebook is a visual medium and Digital8 found a lot more success marketing The Tshirt Mill’s products through Facebook advertising. Using some well-shot photos and extensive target audience research, Digital8 were able to put ads for The Tshirt Mill’s different services in front of the people who were most likely to be interested in them. This proved to be successful with over 1000 link clicks from ads on to The Tshirt Mill’s website in the first week alone.

The link clicks were impressive however users were having to click through too many pages and conversions needed to be improved. After a strategy meeting, Digital8 created new ads that featured Facebook’s instant form function. Now with less clicks and loading screens, users were less likely to bounce after clicking through and were more likely to become leads through the Facebook ads.

Organic social media management is also a service Digital8 has provided for The Tshirt Mill with monthly strategy meetings and content planning. Digital8 has helped transform The Tshirt Mill’s socials into a thriving platform with large amounts engagement.

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