We are a dynamic, creative group of highly talented individuals.

We join forces to create revolutionary web and mobile applications that push the boundaries of technology. Website development is our passion and our reason for getting out of bed. We will make sure your vision becomes a reality.

  • The longer it takes
    to develop

    The less likely it is to launch

    We guide large projects into multiple releases, to get to market faster so you get results sooner. Our agile approach helps our clients continuously improve and deliver in a timely manner.

  • The trick isn't
    adding stuff

    it’s taking it away

    We help you to define what core features are needed for a successful first deployment, and what enhancements can be added later to retain product interest and innovation after launch.

  • The best way to predict the future

    is to invent it

    We help businesses evolve into the new digital landscape by creating scalable systems today with future functionality in mind. We help you drive creative innovation for high tech commercial systems.

  • It is easier to do a
    job right

    Than to explain why you didn't

    We set up processes to maintain "A-players" - people who do the right thing by our clients. Our projects operate in controlled environments facilitating continuous client communication.

Our Environment

  • Daily
  • 20 Coffees Consumed
  • 500+ Songs played
  • 19,167 Pixels pushed
  • 16,452 Lines of code
  • 6 games of pong

The Team

With shared values of integrity and quality, each of our team adds a valuable dimension to Digital8. As thought leaders in our industry, we strive to constantly further our knowledge and skill in what we love.

  • Jeff

    Founder & Director

    Full time counterstrike troll lord and our fearless leader. We may not understand him, but we know his word to be true. With him we entrust our most crucial decisions and indeed our lives.

  • Alex

    Assistant Director & Systems Designer

    Developer of all of our systems and process and the glue of the team. Alex is entrusted with some of our most crucial deliverables and time and time against has got ‘er done in time, on budget.

  • Joe

    General Manager

    Joe with one coffee is a dynamic, cheerful creative thinker with an innate ability to quickly identify growth hack opportunities and design deployment solutions. Joe with two coffees is like the guy from Limitless. 

  • Mihai

    Web Dev Team Leader

    A true master of his Drupal craft, Mihai knows everything there is to possibly know about this popular large scale CMS, having worked with the system for over 10 years. His mantra is “eh no” as he is frequently asked questions that he is challenged not to consider as ridiculous.


  • Cameron


    Has an exceptional eye for web layouts and interfaces. Knows how a site should feel and flow for users and directs his work and creativity accordingly.

  • Jordan

    Mobile Apps Architect

    Developer of apps, avid keyboard user, and a closet Nicholas Cage fan, Jordan is a pro at producing stellar apps for both mobile and web.

  • Caity

    Manager of Digital8 North

    Friendly and enthusiastic manager of Digital8 North, the support service arm of Digital8. Caity knows exactly how to assist with every enquiry and communicates with grace and professionalism. Always proactive and ready to help.

  • Tim

    Sales and Marketing Consultant

     Gets projects complete faster than a speeding bullet. Creative solutions more powerful than a locomotive. Able to complete large projects in a single bound. 

  • Byron

    Dooms Operator

    Pessimistic dooms operator, productivity freak, and ginger beer fiend. A true master of many trades within the realm of tech.

  • Matt

    Web Developer

    It's all party in the front, business in the back. Matt knows the ins and outs of outstanding front end styling and can pull off a beastly back end in his day to day work, no sweat.

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