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Is Your Business Site Optimised for Voice Search?

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The age of voice search has arrived and is here to stay. The number of voice search queries increased 3,400% between 2008 and 2017 (Hubspot). This uprising trend is not slowing down in 2019: according to Bright Local study58% users have used voice search to find local business information in 2018, of which 46% voice search for local businesses daily. It is imperative for you to get your business site prepared so it will show up in the search result when people ask Google Voice Search or Siri a question related to your business. Here are some extremely helpful ways to enhance your business site and include voice search optimisation in your SEO strategy


Dig Deep into Relevant Long-Tail Keywords:

One significant difference between type-in searches and voice searches is the use of natural, conversational language – users tend to ask an entire question when using voice search functions. This is why it’s important to not use short and broad keyword phrases. You should use long-tail keywords that are more specific and more relevant to your content. Tools such as Google Search Console can be extremely helpful for analysing and discovering the long-tail keywords of the interests of your target audience.

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Make Sure to Use Schema Markup:

Voice searches require the algorithm to receive and return the most relevant and accurate answers to the users’ queries, that’s why your site needs to be optimised to provide the search engine with your content in ways that it can understand. Schema Markup is the code that you put on your website to help Google better understand your content and return the information to the users.


Secure your website with SSL:

Google shows a strong emphasis on site security and certification. The HTTPS protocol is the current site security standard ensuring that your website can be trusted and that it complies with all the rules of the good online practices. Getting your site certified with HTTPS means that you won’t lose your advantage in the SEO game. According to the Moz’s 2018 research report, 50% of the page-one search results are HTTPS.

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Take Advantage of Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets provide authoritative and easy-to-understand answers to users. In this context, getting featured not only means that you are getting additional brand exposure in normal results but increase the chances for digital assistants to provide your answer directly to the users. Make sure your content provides a concise, direct answer following with in-depth content around the long-tail keyword.

You can also consider adapting Q&A style and FAQ into your website content so it’s easier for search engines to use your content as the result to users’ question.


Optimise for Local Searches

The increased visibility that Google has placed around Google Local listing results means that Google My Business is essential for local SEO.

 Google My Business

Make sure you have your Google My Business up to date and all contact information as accessible as possible so Google can provide more useful, accurate information of your business to the users.

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