React Native App Developer Brisbane

Develop a smartphone application using the world's number one app framework. React Native was created by Facebook to power their bleeding edge technology products. Since it's inception it has grown to become the number one Hybrid App Development technology on the planet. You have several React Native apps on your phone and probably don't even know it. Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Skype, Uber Eats and many more apps are developed using this state of the art technology.

Gone are the days where to create a performant app for your smartphone device meant building in native frameworks such as Objective C, Swift and Java. With Hybrid App frameworks such as React Native, you can save time and investment building apps in a unified codebase. In essence, one app instead of two.

React Native is open source and because of it's high quality has attracted tens of thousands of app developers to the project. This means that React Native is one of the most collaborative open source projects on the net and this is why it has grown into such a sophisticated and dynamic commercially viable platform.

You can truly build anything with React Native that you can build in native SDKs, sometimes in half the time. 

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Facebook and its Ad Manager App are both built in React Native. Source 

Instagram is a React Native app. Source

When you order Uber Eats you're using React Native. Source