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Enterprise websites come with their own unique SEO challenges. Enterprise websites are, as the name suggests, websites for large and complex businesses. These websites offer the tools and infrastructure necessary to manage complex operations and meet the unique needs and requirements of large businesses.

What is enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is based on the traditional SEO principles, but tailored towards large businesses and their enterprise websites. As these websites often have a complex structure and significant amount of content, they require a comprehensive optimisation approach and SEO audit. Enterprise SEO, just like your traditional SEO, allows large businesses to manage their websites effectively, increase their organic traffic and improve their search engine ranking.  


Digital8’s Enterprise SEO services

To kick off Enterprise SEO services, we start with a technical SEO audit. This audit allows us to identify existing issues and collect the data we need to provide recommendations on how to improve your website’s performance. 

As enterprise websites usually consist of numerous pages, sections and subdomains, the SEO audit for an enterprise website is more comprehensive than an average sized website. 

An SEO audit is important, especially for an enterprise website. For example, what would be considered small changes for regular sized websites, can have a huge effect on enterprise sized websites. Just fixing the technical issues on an enterprise website can significantly improve the SEO performance. A common technical issue is broken internal and external links, which are bad user experience and negatively impact the websites SEO performance. The SEO audit will scan for broken links using tools like Screaming Frog or Google Search Console and we will recommend setting up the correct redirects to ensure great user experience. 


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The same is the case for content, enterprise websites often have vast amounts of content and a high risk of duplication. With multiple contributors, authors and content creation processes it is challenging to create unique content and avoid accidental duplication of content across a website. Analysing an amount of content that large, will require a more comprehensive approach than a traditional website would. Regardless of the amount of content, it is important to ensure consistent quality content that is in line with the target keywords and audience intent. 


Another key component is page speed, this significantly impacts your search engine ranking results. Large websites, such as enterprise websites, that have a large number of pages and content, tend to have a slower page speed. The SEO audit uses a tool called Google Page Speed to gain insights into how quickly your website loads. Once we have an understanding of the current state of affairs, we can provide recommendations on how to improve your website’s page speed. Some of these might be compressing your images, reducing redirects and caching your web pages.  


Let’s Talk About Unique Enterprise SEO Strategies

Your enterprise website might rank relatively high on the search engines as a result of high authority due to a large amount of organic internal linking, however, it is important to realise that there is always room for improvement. 

Digital8’s Enterprise SEO helps you to improve your enterprise website and ensure it is performing at its best. Our Brisbane SEO experts will provide a SEO strategy tailored to your website. Starting SEO for an enterprise website might seem daunting but we are here to help you! Get in touch with Digital8’s team of experts today to get started!

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