Responsive Web Design

Building a responsive design is a great alternative to going down the full mobile app path. Mobile browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari render mobile sites in much the same way as your phone renders an app. When we design smartphone responsive websites we build them to look and feel like your favourite mobile apps. That way the user experiences what they are comfortable with, which means more time on your site and more interaction. For eCommerce, this means more purchase on mobile.

Responsive websites are websites that "respond" to their environment. Responsive websites are situated on the same domains, with the same links and same content as your desktop website but arranged to fit inside smaller (phones, tablets) or larger (projectors, large monitors) screens.

This means that you don't need to post links on social media to different websites, you don't have to build a website for mobile (ever seen a website that has m. in front of it?) and you don't have to have any of the pains that are caused by managing two separate content libraries. 

In short, all of our websites are responsive designs but a lot of people look for responsive design so we had to make a page to show those people that yes, we do build this way. If you need a website that's responsive you've come to the right place.