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Technical SEO

Digital8 help business to implement advanced technical SEO strategies and audit your website for skyrocket pages on Google

Looking to outrank your competitors on Google and improve your website’s performance? A technical SEO audit can help identify what’s holding your website back. Digital8 SEO specialists uses a technical SEO audit to provide recommendations and create a customised strategy for your website. A strong SEO strategy can help your website achieve higher rankings and thereby increase its organic traffic.


Technical SEO audit

A technical SEO audit identifies a bunch of important SEO data, from your ranking keywords and organic traffic volumes to your website’s best pages and competitive metrics. At Digital8, we use a combination of tools and programs to perform this audit, such as Google Analytics and Search Console. The set of collected data is in turn analysed by our SEO experts who use it to build an SEO strategy tailored to your website’s needs. 


Digital8’s SEO Audit Journey


Step 1 – In depth keyword research

The SEO audit starts off with in-depth keyword research, which allows us to identify the most relevant and profitable keywords in your industry. Our SEO experts use this information to improve your keyword targeting and ensure your website’s content and all meta tags are optimised for the relevant keywords. This results in highly qualified traffic and increases the chances of converting your visitors into customers.


Step 2 – Review backlinks

We use a backlink audit to identify any low-quality or potentially harmful links. Backlinks are used to establish your website’s authority and credibility, which is why it is important that all problematic backlinks are identified and removed. Our Brisbane SEO specialists can provide a backlink building strategy and guidance on how to create high quality backlinks.


Step 3 – Check for mobile optimisation

Mobile optimisation of your website has become increasingly important, not only does it improve the user experience, search engines are using mobile first indexing. In other words, search engines prefer to use the mobile version when indexing and ranking your website. If your website is not optimised for mobile, it will likely negatively impact your ranking.  


Step 4 – Analyse website content

Search engines constantly aim to show the most relevant results to its users which is why it is important to create content that reflects your target audience’s search intent. Analysing your website’s content allows our experts to make sure that your content is high-quality, relevant and optimised for the target keywords.



Step 5 – Identify technical SEO issues

As part of the SEO audit we will check your website for common technical issues. When determining the ranking of your website, user experience plays a big role. Small technical issues such as broken links, duplicate content and missing alt tags impact the user experience and can have a negative effect on your ranking results. At digital8 we offer several support hour packages which can be used by our developers to implement fixes for the technical SEO issues.


Step 6 – Check for local SEO optimisation

Local SEO allows you to improve your business online visibility and target local customers. It is a strong marketing tool that helps you to establish a local customer base. In order to optimise your local SEO, we will ensure that your business is properly listed on Google My Business and is optimised for local search.


Step 7 – Analyse the competition

By reviewing the websites and digital marketing strategies of your competitors, we are able to identify any opportunities for improvement. Understanding what works and what doesn’t work for your competition allows us to create a strategy tailored to your industry which helps you stand out amongst your competition.


Step 8 – Create an advice document

Based on the findings from the audit, we will create an advice document that addresses any issues and includes recommendations on how to improve your website’s search engine rankings.


Let’s Start Your Technical SEO Audit With Digital8

Digital8’s technical SEO audit allows you to discover what is holding back your website and provides you with the information you need to optimise your website’s performance. With the recommendations and uniquely created Local or enterprise SEO strategy, you can take your website to the next level. Get in touch with Digital8’s team of experts today to get started!

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