Website Maintenance

If you haven't got someone monitoring your website for security patches and vulnerabilities you run the risk of exposing your website to hackers, yes hackers.

No, it's not like the movies. Hackers tend to just get into your website to put ugly, gaudy landing pages up demanding you to pay them a few hundred bucks to take it down, but it's very frustrating.

Sometimes though it is actually a real problem. If your website stores user information in the background or can be used to email your customers, being hacked can you cause you a lot of stress.

To avoid this, request a maintenance package with our web experts at Digital8. We will:

  • Run scans of your site on a routine basis for vulnerabilities
  • Update modules/plugins to ensure they are using the most secure and up to date versions
  • Identify issues with your site before they cause you problems
  • Let you know what work needs to be carried out to ensure your website is working for you