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3 Ways Chatbots Can Boost Your Business

Recently, you might have noticed the rise of automated chat systems to some of your favourite websites. Chatbots, or chat robots have become increasingly popular for many businesses – even small ones – for their ability to communicate with customers at any time. Information from Gartner predicted that by 2020 a customer would be able to solve 85% of its problems with a business without ever talking to a human being on the other side. Chatbots have become an integral part of the client to company communication, and it can add three major benefits to your business.

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1. Increase Engagement

If there’s anything we know about engagement, it’s that it is crucial for moving customers down the sales funnel. Chatbots have the ability to communicate with your customers, initiating the conversation to inform them on offers or your latest products. They also allow potential customers viewing your page to get answers on your brand or product offering, without the hassle of waiting. In 2016, Facebook Messenger introduced this method of communication to buy and sell products as it was important to Mark Zuckerberg to “message a business just the way you would message a friend”.


2. Improve Customer Service

Firstly, chatbots provide extensive customer assistance. Most customers need support when shopping, whether it’s on your product or service offering or just navigation through your website. In instances like this, chatbots are able to provide real-time assistance. It is also an interactive conversation where the bot can ask questions, problem solve and even supply blog entries or tutorial videos.

Secondly, being always available can have huge effects on your customer satisfaction. Repetitive answers can be answered by chatbots, and difficult questions which need further assistance can be directed to an employee. The technology means that no customer has to wait for an answer, saving both time for the employee and the client.

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3. Helps To Reduce Costs

Not only will artificial support handle multiple customers at once, they will be able to avoid the problems caused by human error. Chatbots have the ability to support employees for basic and repetitive tasks, and they take care of the FAQ’s which employees often waste time on answering. Given the ‘anytime-anywhere’ nature of chatbots, customers are able to start interactions immediately, so user acquisition is also associated with lower cost. The challenge here is retaining the “personality” of your brand through your chatbot, and still making your customers feel connected to your company.

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