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5 Content Marketing Tips To Get Your 2016 Started!

Content Marketing 2016

So here we are again! Another new year, full of promise and opportunities to kick your business up a notch. Unless you’re insane, that plan would likely involve giving your online presence a bit of a boost and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that Content Marketing is an integral part of that. It can give you a boost in rankings, increase social engagement & conversion rates and generally increase your perceived authority where your industry is concerned.

So with that in mind, we’ll get straight to the point with 5 helpful tips to help you prepare yourself for Content Marketing in 2016:

  1. Do away with those doubts. You have a story to tell.The most common thing I hear from clients is “But I’m an (insert profession along the lines of plumber or lawyer here), what could I possibly blog about?One of the most used examples I give when I give talks on Content Marketing is this guy:Good Business Content

    Trust me, if an internationally acclaimed film can be made about a guy who cleans portable toilets, then you can find a way to connect to your audience. We are in the age of personality marketing. Find a way to connect your product or service to the human experience and you will do fine.

  2. Stop being boring.No Boring ContentAgain, remember that you are speaking to people. Not only that, but people who don’t know the jargon of your industry. Don’t be afraid to inject a little personality and normal human language into it, along with a little bit of humour and feeling. Use engaging imagery and/or videos and try to keep your information concise with things like bullet points and categorized paragraphs for easy consumption.
  3. It’s your duty to have some idea of the technical aspects.Know the technical detailsDon’t let intimidation stop you. You might not be the most technically minded person, but allowing yourself to remain in the dark about important aspects of blogging can be very counter-productive.For instance, if your blog categorises posts or offers the ability to “tag” them as being about particular topics, then you’ll want to be very careful that your website is set up in a way that doesn’t allow search engines to crawl the category and tag pages that this creates. They pull snippets from the blogs and use them as a preview under these category pages and this can slowly create duplicate content issues as you add more and more content. Like this:

    The reason the above matters is that it can have a negative impact on your SEO (Keyword Rankings), so be sure to do your homework and ask for advice on the most important aspects to look out for.

    We’ll add a link here to a rundown of those issues for one of our next blogs so be sure to bookmark this page!

  4. Think about keywords.What do you want to rank for? What are you close to ranking for already? You should have a think about this when mapping out a content plan (an essential part of the process) so that you can combine this knowledge with the other goals of the blog. Speak like a human, but speak about relevant topics. Adding new content around keywords could see you get that little boost you’ve been looking for. Even better, a multi-part blog on that topic could push you over the line if you’re already close to page one.
  5. Boost the hell out of your blog!If you’re sharing your blog via Social Media, the unique content that you produce should be what you push the hardest. It’s great to post various links to thinks such as news & humour in order to get people engaging with the page, but once that happens and the newsfeed algorithm starts showing them your content more often, start putting value in front of them.This is how you build authority and repeat business. Promote your posts across any social platforms you’re using in order to maximize exposure and build value around your blog.

There is a lot more to good blogging than this and you can check out other blogs here & here on content marketing. We’ll also definitely be posting more on this in the future, but for now, follow these 5 steps and you should start to see a noticeable difference!

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