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5 Tips to Generate Sales Leads in 2019

5 tips to generate sales leads in 2019

So you need more leads. Welcome to the life of every small business owner. This article features 5 extremely helpful yet sometimes overlooked tips when it comes to generating sales leads in the ever-changing digital world of 2019.

Tip 1: Testimonial & Case Studies are the “Digitalised Word of Mouth”

The first thing to do in order to generate more sales leads is that you need to build trust with your target market. Small businesses of 2019 need to utilise their online presences to the fullest and transform them into the “digitalised word of mouth”. It’s all about giving your target market more reasons to choose you over your competitors. Make sure you keep a record of the feedback you received from your clients. Some customers may be very happy with your service and willing to provide a testimonial, but they may not initiate the conversation until you reach out to them. Another powerful tool to increase your business credibility is case studies, which is especially useful for start-ups and small businesses with weaker brand awareness.

Showcasing testimonials and case studies can not only make your business more trustworthy but also help your sales team to pre-qualify the sales leads that came through because the potential customers who showed interest tend to be those who are ready for what your business is going to offer.

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Tip 2. Increase the Perceived Value

Another way to increase sales leads is to give potential buyers more incentive to make the purchase decision. Traditionally, this is usually done through pricing strategies. But in the digital world, there are way more methods for small businesses to add perceived value to their products or services.

Businesses of 2019 need to understand how to use their digital presence wisely to create positive impacts on how the potential customers perceive their products or services. One way is to reduce perceived risk and increase credibility, which goes back to tip one: use testimonials from real customers and case studies to reduce the potential risks your customers need to take when making the buying decision.

Other than that, the way your business is presented digitally can influence the customer’s perceived value immensely. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds for your potential customers to decide whether they will like your product or not. Make sure your website is adding value to what you are selling instead of dragging your business down.

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Tip 3. Marketing Automation

Automated marketing and sales processes save time immensely because it requires a

. However, marketing automation can be beneficial to your businesses in ways more than that. It is highly effective at increasing online sales because of the accurate and precise follow-up your business performs with every customer. This means that you will not miss out on a single lead qualification chance anymore. For example, the automated marketing system would send a follow-up email to a lead who hasn’t got back to you for a week. Another case of automation marketing is remarketing – for example, you can follow up your e-commerce customers with social ads to lower the cart-abandon rate.

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Tip 4. Define Your Buyer Personas

Understanding who you are trying to sell to is a key step to increase sales. You probably have the information about your target customers in your head already, but documenting your personas allows you to make key business decisions with a clearer and more specific target. Operating without defining means that you are running the risk of sending neutral and unattractive content to your clients because chances are, you are going to miss out some details that can help you convert that specific type of potential clients into sales.

Also, keep in mind that buyer personas include way more than the basic demographic information and it is more powerful than that. Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself when creating personas for your target market:

  1. What associations and social networks do this type of buyer persona belong to?
  2. What are their biggest challenges?
  3. What are their pain points?
  4. What are their universal goals?
  5. How can your products or services solve their problem? 

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Tip 5. Use Your Finite Resources Wisely and be the Expert

There are millions of Facebook business pages out there. Most of them are not being updated because someone told the business owner they needed Facebook. and the owner couldn’t or wouldn’t actually use the platform properly.

Instead of using a marketing tactic for the sake of using it, you need to do research and understand whether it is a good fit for your business goal and industry so you can choose those that you are confident that will actually work.

2019 is all about being an expert in the industry. Use the digital platforms wisely and put up content helpful to your target buyers: 

  • What is your target buyers’  core issue/concern? 
  • How can your product solve this issue/concern? 

Relevant and useful content is the key to nurturing good relationships with your customers. It also generates more sales in the long term.

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