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A Phone so LIT it Actually Caught Fire

On August 19 Samsung released the oh so beautiful Galaxy Note7. This phone has pretty much been deemed the bee's knees by everyone. The phone sports an elegant design, is now waterproof, comes with a higher performing stylus, can make GIF's and features new high-tech iris scanning security.

Unfortunately, Samsung has announced a massive recall. WATTT?!?

The recall comes after reports that the phones have been catching fire as a result of a defect in the battery design. It has been less than a month since the phone has been released and there have already been more the 35 reported incidences in which the phone has caught fire totally unexpectedly.

Samsung has been pushing the recall with a great amount of urgency over the past week. A totally understandable action for the company, considering the defect caused a fire that gutted an entire Jeep Grand Cherokee (not a cheap fix for Samsung).

The defect has also become a safety concern for airlines. Virgin Australia are making note of the issue in their flight information demonstrations, notifying Galaxy Note7 users not to turn on airplane mode and instead instructing them to completely switch off their phones due to safety concerns. Jetstar is taking the same approach and informing all passengers that, "Use of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 is prohibited on the Tarmac and on board the aircraft.”

This recall will affect all 50,000 Galaxy Note7’s sold within Australia, regardless of what carrier they were bought from. Samsung is currently advising all phones to be returned to their place of purchase. At this point, Samsung reps are only guaranteeing returns for those who bought the phone outright from Samsung stores directly. Other customers who didn’t purchase their Galaxy Note7’s from Samsung are being told to contact the stores from which they purchased their phones to discuss the options available to them.

At this point in time, it is predicted that most people who were affected by the recall will be offered a replacement Galaxy Note7. Our prediction is that we’re probably going to see a few more iPhone users in the not too distant future.

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