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Apple Rumours

This year will commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone and Apple has something spectacular planned to celebrate this occasion. We are just under nine months from the launch of the newest iPhone however because of Apple’s ambition with this project the rumour mill has already started churning out predictions for the latest features.

Currently, Apple is reported to have over 10 different prototypes in the testing phase, making this one of the most exciting releases to date. The sheer amount of prototypes currently being tested also means that getting a clear prediction of what the latest iPhone will be like is difficult, as the rumours to date are at times murky and conflicting.


Reports suggest that the iPhone will be undergoing a radical redesign both physically and internally, with the possibility of a bezzless edge to edge display. This type of display would say goodbye to features such as to the home button, touch ID and the front facing camera as we know them today, instead incorporating these features directly into the screen. Additionally, it is known that Jony Ive, the current Chief Design Officer at Apple, has wanted to introduce a design that looks as though it is only a single sheet of glass. Curiously enough a glass design is also crucial if Apple should wish to introduce wireless charging capabilities.

When it comes to rumours about the display itself there have been many questions raised if the display takes up the entire front of the phone will the display grow to fit the screen? Or will the screen shrink to fit the current display?


Moreover, rumours have circulated that the new screen for the iPhone will be made from flexible plastic OLED rather than LCD. If this is true it will mean Apple will be able to introduce a device that will both be thinner and have the ability to consume less power, making a full battery go a lot further than it currently does. Additionally, if Apple opts for a flexible plastic OLED screen then there is the possibility that the new iPhone could have curved edges, much like the Galaxy Edge.

As for the changes, Apple is planning to make to the body, it seems they may be steering away from aluminium reintroducing the glass frame, similar to that of earlier models.

Alike the iPhone 7 it is speculated that the iPhone 8 will be water resistant, continuing to hold up against splashes rain and short-term submersion.

As always the newest iPhone is predicted to have a faster and more efficient processor known as the 10-nanometer A11 chip. Other rumours suggest this phone will have other more innovative features such as wireless charging, facial, iris or gesture recognition.

It is believed that high-end models will incorporate a dual-lense camera, both of which will feature optical image stabilisers.

The iPhone 8 is believed to be released in different models, offering the classic 4.7 inch design and 5.8 inch plus sized design. Speculation also suggests that there may be a premium model released that will include the OLED features.

Obviously the iPhone has not yet been released and this is simply speculation to date, however as the old saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. The 10th anniversary will undoubtedly be spectacular and we will be reporting on all updates and rumours until its release later in the year.

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