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Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards 2018 Finalists

The Australian NFP Technology Awards highlight the most technologically innovative organisations and individuals in the Australian non-profit sector. This year’s awards will be held in the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane’s CBD, on Thursday 3 May.

Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards 2018

The finalists for this year’s awards have been announced… and the Best Social Media Campaign finalists have definitely caught our eye!

# Best Social Media Campaign of the Year

The three finalists for the best social media campaign are Odd Socks Day by Grow, Nine for November by the National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and MAF Australia Fuel for Father’s Day by Candence media. We were especially enthused by the campaigns for Fuel for Fathers Day and Odd Socks Day, so we believe they deserve a little extra spotlight.

The MAF Australia Fuel for Fathers Day campaign, by Candence Media

MAF Australia (Mission Aviation Fellowship) is an organisation bringing help, hope and healing to some of the most isolated communities in the world, and does so via – yes you’ve guessed it – aircraft. The Fuel for Fathers Day campaign provided people with the incentive to donate fuel for their Fathers day present, and help the community.


Fuel for Fathers Day MAF Australia Campaign


The Odd Socks Day campaign, by Grow

Grow is a nationwide support community for mental wellness programs. Their annual Odd Sock Day is meant to create awareness for mental health – and show that every once in a while, everyone has one of those ‘odd days’.

Odd Socks Day 6 October 2017 Grow


The remaining categories and corresponding finalists are…

# Technology Volunteer of the Year

–        Mark Zuvela, for his efforts with Fremantle Sea Rescue

–        Justin Ware, for his efforts with C3 Church Carlingford

# Not-for-Profit Technology Lifetime Service Award

–        Lois Shuttleworth, for her efforts with Hear and Say

–        Sue Miers, for her efforts with the National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

# Technology Innovator of the Year

–        Paul Curran, for his efforts with The Song Room

–        Jenny Ward, for her efforts with Women’s Health Victoria

–        Christine Bolt, for her efforts with Dementia Australia

# Using Technology to Connect to the Community – Best Small to Medium Enterprise

–        Douglas Mann, for his efforts with Keeping Culture Pty Ltd

–        Catherine Ross, for her efforts with i=Change

# Best Digital Storytelling by an Indigenous Australian

–        Dean Foley, for his efforts with Barayamal

–        Heather Bush, for her efforts with HelpingMinds

–        Penny Smith, for her efforts with Karungkarni Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation


For more information and tickets to the award ceremony, check the Connecting Up Conference 2018 website.

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