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Digital8’s Process For Successful Delivery

We understand that building a new website for your business is a big decision. It is also one that you don’t want to get wrong. At Digital8, we do everything we can to ensure that your web development experience is a positive one, from the initial scoping meeting all the way through to the launch of your shiny new sit. We feel it’s important that we let our clients know we aren’t messing about and we work on a structured basis.



1. Enquiry and proposal

At the initial enquiry and proposal stage, we aim to get a complete understanding of what your business represents, and what message needs to be conveyed to your customers. This will allow us to plan the customer journey through your website, and provide a fair assessment of the time required to complete the job.

2. Plan ins and outs

After signing on to work with Digital8, and project start date will be booked in, and we will invite you to sit down with your account manager and our web developer to plan the ins and outs of the website (if required).

3. Building phase

Your account manager will be in regular contact during the build stage, and once our development team have things ready for review, your temporary “staging” website will be shared with you. We ask for feedback on the staging site so that changes can be made prior to launch. We find that it is always easier to implement changes during this time, rather than affecting a live site that your customers are visiting.

4. SEO

Once the new site has been finalised, we complete a range of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tasks for your new pages. This covers page titles, keywords, backlinks, and optimising content to include relevant phrases and words. All of this takes time, but without it your site will struggle to rank on Google. We find that these extra few hours make all of the difference when it comes to future site traffic, and if you want to succeed it is worth spending the time to do it properly! This is particularly important when we are building a new website to replace an old one. Updating old links to point to new pages is an important process that helps to avoid any negative reactions from search engines once your new site is up and running. If you want to know if you can rank first on Google (and how to do so), ask us about our SEO services today.

5. Site Launch

Upon site launch you will be given a run through on using your CMS to do the most common tasks, such as adding blog posts, pages, and content. We don’t want to lock you out of anything, and definitely don’t demand that you come back to us for small changes. We would like to think that a positive experience will bring you back to us for big projects in the future!


Now that you know how we work, we also feel it’s important that you know what we can do. Our dedicated team understands that every business is different, and so is each page. By talking to us, or by completing a website brief template, we can assist with determining which CMS will work best for your website.

Oh and if you’re wondering what this might cost you, go read our ‘How Much Should I Spend On A Website’ blog.

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