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Digital8 Does Footy Colours Day

Digital8 does Footy Colours Day!

One week to raise $1000? A team who barely knows the difference between NRL and AFL? Ridiculous haircuts for the win? This is the heartwarming tale of Digital8’s Footy Colours Day celebration!

Friday the 4th of September was a sea of “sportsball” jerseys at 17 Cordelia Street – Brisbane Broncos, Wests Tigers, Gold Coast Titans, Wallabies, Socceroos, QLD Maroons and more… 90% of those may have belonged to our #1 Marketing Boi Liam but it was all very much for a good cause.

The previous week we made a spur of the moment decision to jump onboard with our first ever Footy Colours Day event.

Even with such a short time frame to hit our target, the entire company united in our shared goal. Motivated by the desire to support a great organisation and to see some of our colleagues sport some very different looks if we were victorious.

Liam, along with Tee from our Dev Team and General Manager Joe vowed to get unique haircuts and colours if we managed to hit the fundraising target by 12pm on Friday.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Digital8 team, our friends, families and clients, we not only reached the goal but exceeded it.

It was with nervous excitement the trio headed to Jimmy Rods Barber in Chermside to follow through with their promise.

“I was really unsure of how it would turn out but the hairdressers did an amazing job.I got told that I look “So Punk Rock” and have been compared to one of my favourite artists Lil Peep (RIP) so I’m happy with it. No regrets at all!” – Liam on his hot pink buzzcut.

“My initial thoughts were that this was going to be the worst haircut I had ever had. After, I reflected upon my initial thoughts and discovered that I was indeed correct.” – Tee reflecting on his mullet-hawk with purple highlights which was chosen by company director Jeff – who was the highest individual donor.

“My beard is me. It’s my identity and character. People just keep saying how different I look and how weird it is. Once it settled down I just went back to being the same person I was before.” – Joe contemplating his post-beard life.

However, hair aside they were all united on the importance of the cause. “I am a father and organisations like the Fight Cancer Foundation fill me with hope that if the unthinkable happens that there are people out there that will look after us.” Joe said about his decision to cut off his beloved beard if the team reached their fundraising target. Tee agreed “There are many people who I have known who have suffered due to cancer but I also believe that none should suffer and thus all that can be done to ease suffering should be done. It is a good cause.”

Liam encouraged everyone to continue to donate:  “Just because we’ve already lopped our hair off doesn’t mean we should stop raising money, a couple less beers at the pub this week could go a long way to helping a small human going through the fight of their life.”

To date, the tally is currently sitting at $1605 – well past our initial goal of $1000.

The fundraising page will remain up for the rest of the month, to donate click here.

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