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Hooray!! you have decided to pursue your entrepreneurial longings but will it be accepted into the Apple App store?… below we talk briefly about the basic rules you need to make sure you abide by and provide you with a tool to increase your chances. An extensive list of rules can also be found here.

  1. Your app has to be made for public sign up or instant use by anyone who downloads your app, members only apps can only be published to the Enterprise App Store (invite only). 
  2. There are over a million Apps in the App Store. If your App doesn’t do something useful, unique or provide some form of lasting entertainment it wont be accepted.
  3. Apple will reject Apps for any content or behaviour that they believe is over the line. What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once said, “I’ll know it when I see it”. And Apple thinks that you will also know it when you cross it.
  4. If you attempt to cheat the system (for example, by trying to trick the review process, steal data from users, copy another developer’s work, or manipulate the ratings) your Apps will be removed from the store and you will be expelled from the developer program.
  5. Apps that duplicate Apps already in the App Store may be rejected, particularly if there are many of them, such as fart, burp, flashlight, and Kama Sutra Apps.

Thankfully if your App is rejected, there is a Review Board that you can appeal to. If you run to the press and trash Apple, that won’t help your case. The rest of the guidelines cover a multitude of areas, from functionality to advertising, to user interface to violence etc. If your app does not adhere to all of these rules, it risks being rejected by Apple. Eeeeeeep not what you want to hear right? So to make sure that you don’t get rejected by Apple you, it might be handy to go through the app store and fill out the following competitor profiling table:

Factor Competitor 1    Competitor 2    Competitor 3   My New Venture
App Price         
Target Market      

When creating apps for the Apple Store at Digital8, we make sure during the whole app development process that we’ve adhered to all of the rules. This means that when the app is finished, we don’t have to go back and make sure it follows all of Apples rules – it’s already does. This means less work for us in the long run, and lower costs for our clients.

If you are interested in creating an app that won’t be rejected by the Apple Store, contact us at [email protected]

These guidelines may change at anytime.


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