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How big should my logo be on my website?

As a business, we totally understand the desire to have your branding all over your brand new website. You want visitors to see your name and remember it.

It might seem like a logical thing to do, but having a logo that takes up a large amount of space on your site is a design nightmare.

From a UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) perspective, you want to display a clear message and/or call to action on your website. If a customer lands on your site looking for a product or service, and has any difficulty finding it, they’re going to leave. Fast. If you make it easy for them to find what they’re chasing, and make the journey through the website hassle free, they’re going to come back to you next time. Who doesn’t love a website that’s easy to navigate and gives them exactly what they need.

Remember, is most cases, the customer wants your product or service, and won’t know who you are amongst the five tabs they just opened from a quick Google search. Give them a reason to stay and continue the journey, not an overly sized logo that hides the information they really want to see.

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