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How To Choose The Best Digital Agency

So…you’ve got the idea, you’ve got the product, you’ve got the company, but how do you get customers you ask? In today’s increasingly digitalised era, digital marketing is definitely the way to go. There are so many steps and factors when it comes to creating a revolutionary online presence that it can easily become overwhelming if you try to manage it all by yourself. This is where employing a local digital or creative agency can help. But there are so many creative agencies based in Brisbane alone, how can you possibly know which one to choose? Draw out of a hat maybe? Fret no more for we have put together a checklist so you can ensure the digital agency you choose will adequately meet all of your business needs.

Firstly, are they local to where your business is based? Geographical relevance is a really important factor to consider as the more remote the agency, the less astute understanding they’ll have of the specific audience marketing you’re seeking to target. A creative agency that has all the resources and tools to help you is all well and good, but it is imperative that they really understand your customers and their demographics, psychographics and behaviours in order to provide you with the most effective advice they possibly can. Digital8 is the Brisbane base web design team and we will analyse your requirements and comes with best solutions for your business.


Another important question to ask yourself is if their strategies are flexible. Are they catering their services to meet your specific business needs or are they simply offering a blanket service with little to no adjustments allowed? Having a digital agency that is able to use their existing expertise and services in a flexible way to suit your particular business needs is highly important as blanket services won’t work for all business types and goals.


Another red flag to look out for is whether they are willing to talk about ROI (return on investment). A lot of digital marketing professionals will try to convince you that success should be measured solely by lead acquisition and google ranking, however ultimately the success of all business is measured in terms of sales and revenue. Make sure that the creative agency you choose to work with is upfront and transparent with you with regards to costs and expenses and how their services are going to directly affect your ROI.


A final factor to consider may sound trivial and silly but…do you like them? During the initial meeting or conversation how did you perceive their character? The way a boss interacts with clients will often tell you a lot about their work environment and ethic. Not only this, but this is a professional that you will have to be in constant contact with, so it is important that you have a good rapport and professional relationship with them so that your business isn’t affected in any way.


There are so many digital agencies out there so start exploring your options today! Feel free to give Digital8 a call to discuss how we can help you revolutionise your digital presence!

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