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Is my App idea likely to succeed?

Every app starts with an idea; some of them may have plugged obvious gaps in the market, while others may have been doubted by many and just gone ahead based on a gut feeling.

It’s important to understand the risk of developing an app. The process is often drawn out over a number of months and will take significant funding. Once the app is ready to go, there are a range of marketing attempts that need to be made. Most established apps have a website, social media accounts, advertising campaigns (across multiple platforms), product demonstration videos/photography, all in the name of establishing brand identity and making it as simple as possible to get users on board.


What steps can you take to determine if your app idea is worthwhile?

  • Ask friends and family if they would use the app. If they would use it regularly, does it offer them any benefits, and most importantly, would they ever pay for it?
  • Identify the target market (businesses/individuals, age, location, interests) and decide how likely they would be to use an app
  • Try to find apps similar to yours on search engines and app stores


If your app is something that can benefit the user and it doesn’t exist, try approaching businesses or individuals within your target market. If you can get interest in your hypothetical product, there may be a legitimate case to get straight into development.

Some apps don’t have obvious target audiences in the idea stage, or may require some extra planning to really make the app a profitable business venture. Digital8 can offer workshops and strategy sessions to plan out the scope of the project and offer some further guidance. Book a workshop with us here.

You’ve done all of this and it’s time to take the next steps? Here are some tips when considering investment options.

If you don’t need external investment and you want to discuss your app with our development team, contact us here.

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