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Is There An Apple Car In The Making?

Apple has recently been granted a permit enabling the company to test autonomous (self-driving) vehicles on public roads in the Californian state.

With the granting of this permit, Apple joins companies such as Google, BMW, Tesla and more on the list of permit holders allowed to partake in the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program in the state of California.

Interestingly enough, gaining a permit for this program requires companies to go through multiple steps and thorough outlines/details for the vehicles being tested, leading us to believe that Apple may have a working software framework that is road ready. At this point, it is unknown if Apple will actually begin testing this software, however, if they do it will be filled publicly through the DMV.

By applying for and being accepted into the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program, Apple has confirmed that the company is currently working on a car-related project.

The earliest rumours of this suggested that Apple's autonomous vehicle was going to be an electric vehicle, however, it is believed that Apple has moved in the direction of an Apple branded autonomous driving system.

Sourced: Mac Rumours

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