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Live Journal: Digital8 are moving!

We have some very exciting news here at Digital8… We’re moving to a new office!

If you hadn’t heard, Digital8’s current home at 17 Cordelia St, South Brisbane is being redeveloped and transformed into a state-of-the-art apartment complex. The designs look incredible and we really like how they are incorporating the current building into the design of the new 29 storey building. Sadly for us, however, this means that we must move to a new location.

Look at these designs! Can you spot the Digital8 Office?

17 Cordelia Street has been our home since we moved from our Bowen Hills office in 2016, with these new development plans scheduled to commence in 2022, we’ve decided to make the big move down the road to 49 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane.


A Piece of Brisbane’s History

Heritage listed in 2000 “The Old Boot Factory” was built in 1897. It is currently being used to house Brisbane’s favourite Digital Agency.

We also discovered some awesome history about our Cordelia Street office while preparing for our move in 3 weeks. According to Westender 17 Cordelia Street was originally built 124 years ago by Bootmakers Astill and Freeman and used as a warehouse nicknamed “The Old Boot Factory.” We’re pretty excited to have been able to make our home here on Cordelia Street and to have experienced a piece of Brisbane’s history for the last 5yrs.


49 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

Our founder Jeff took a look at more than 20 new locations for the new Digital8 office before settling on our new location at 49 Melbourne Street in South Brisbane. Our new office is only a stone’s throw away from our soon to be old office on Cordelia Street and boasts an amazing central courtyard area with beautiful gardens and direct access to the lively “Fish Lane”.  Not only is our new office in a pretty stunning location, but we’ve also been given the unique opportunity to design our new office space completely according to our needs and preferences. Having a totally blank canvas to work on, in the middle of South Brisbane, is such a rare opportunity and we’re pretty stoked to be making this space unique to Digital8.

Our brand new office is above a Woolies Metro, thats not dangerous at all…
The renders of our new office space – look at those big arched windows

The new office is part of a much larger precinct in South Brisbane called Town Square. Over the road from the Queensland Museum and directly underneath the train tracks you will find a stunning hideaway with cafes and many areas to work during the day and by night, Town Square is bustling with bars and restaurants full of trendy, beautiful people.


The stunning green space outside of our new home – 49 Melbourne Street


Turning heads

Apparently moving to our office is a pretty big deal – who knew! After signing the lease on our new space our owner Jeff featured in the Courier Mail where they wrote an article about us and the big move.

Jeff Lynne, our fearless leader featuring in the Courier Mail


Construction Begins!

With our lease at Cordelia Street coming to an end on April 1st (We are assured that’s not a joke). We needed to get building straight away. Being the very handyman that he is, our Founder Jeff has decided to build the new office layout with his own hands (There might be a couple of tradies involved too) but so far it is coming along really well!

The concrete slab has been poured, the walls are in and we are ready to install the aircon!


While it may not be online yet, Jeff has assured us that the internet cabling is installed!


We have walls!

The plasterers are hard at work currently putting together the internal walls. The layout is starting to appear!

What do you think these rooms are going to be used for?

The fit-out is certainly starting to come together and it looks like we are on track for a late April move! “Tegan showed me some of the design plans and I’m really excited to move into the new space,” Said Ailsa Short one of our incredibly talented designers. “I can’t wait to see how it all comes together


The Fit-Out Continues

It’s a very bittersweet feeling to know that this week is Digital8’s last week in the Cordelia St Office. Our lease is coming to an end and the production of our new office is getting closer to completion. After this last week, all Digital8 staff will be working from home while the last finishing touches are being done to our new location in Fish Lane. While the team organises the logistics of moving an entire digital agency all the way across South Brisbane, Jeff and his team of tradies are hard at work installing the fit-out of the new office.

Last week saw the new office receive a few coats of paint and the installation of some internal walls and cabinetry. Check it out below!

These fancy modern internal walls were installed this week. Don’t they look cool?
The beginnings of a meeting room or Liam’s office?
It may look like a long hallway now, but soon it will become D8’s new state of the art kitchen! I am unsure if everyone’s old leftovers that are currently in the Cordelia St fridge will be making it to the new office.


We Have A Floor! (Kind Of)

This week the tiles started going down! We weren’t lying when we said that we were building our new office from the ground up!

Our office is coming together one tile at a time!
Can you spot the hidden handprint in this photo?


Farewell Cordelia St

On Friday the 16th of April we finished packing up our old office and handed the keys back over. Digital8 no longer calls Cordelia St home and for the next week, we are technically homeless.

17 Cordelia St all packed up – so many digital projects were designed, built, and launched in this space

We are in!

After countless hours of hard work, Digital8 has finally moved to our brand new office! Say hello to our brand new workspace! Our new office is complete with larger workspaces for the team, multiple state-of-the-art meeting rooms, a full kitchen (with a new coffee machine) and a brand new beer pong ping pong table! We can’t wait for all of our clients to see our new space!

Come visit us!

We can’t wait to show off our new workspace to everyone, why not contact your Account Manager and come in for a meeting!

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