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Neto: The Perfect eCommerce Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

Running an online store should be simple, but more often than not, business owners find that selling products through their website turns into a logistical nightmare. Some even go as far as to turn their back on their eCommerce solution and revert back to a basic information site.

At Digital8, we have been offering a range of eCommerce solutions for years, and this list of platforms has recently grown with the addition of Neto. After being wowed by the functionality and brilliance of the all in one solution, we officially became Neto Partners.

Neto is more than just an online store; it does everything small to medium (and a great number of large) businesses need in an all in one solution. Setting up your stock, putting in physical point of sale devices, running one or multiple warehouses/locations, and setting up payment gateways of your choice are all simple out of the box features provided by Neto.

Further customisation and integrations are available for great add-ons such as AfterPay, eWay, Sendle, Xero, MYOB, and many more.

For businesses that want to expand their reach and list stock on external platforms, Neto has the option to add sales channels on things like eBay and Amazon. Gone are the days of double/triple handling product information across different websites!

Neto does have a monthly subscription cost which is slightly more expensive than competitors such as Shopify/Wix/Squarespace, however the out of the box features make the price fantastic value. We have found that adding the features available in Neto to these other platforms would end up costing significantly more per month, with a lot of custom configuration required.

Included in the monthly cost is managed hosting, platform updates, and security patches (automatically applied by NetoHQ), so there’s no nasty surprises when you do go live with your shiny new store.

Digital8 recommend Neto for eCommerce so you can do what you do best; run your business.

Are you ready to grow your business?

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