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Why Your Office Needs A Dog

Resident content creation connesuire and dog trainer Nicole Joy, practically demanded we consider how much more awesome the office culture would be, if we had an office dog. With the number of dog friendly office spaces in Brisbane ever increasing and the pros of having an office dog seemingly far outweighing the cons, she may have a point…

Research done by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health actually supports the notion of pets in the workplace, and shows that having a dog in your companies office can improve the productivity and morale of staff, by reducing the day to day stresses of a high intensity work environment with just a quick pat of the office fur friend.

Research in 2017 showed that dogs provide a form of “mental health first aid” – giving social support and helping to reduce stress.

As a digital marketing agency located in one of the busiest parts of South Brisbane, we’re no strangers to the stresses and demands of our industry. Taking a few moments away from the hustle and bustle of work to “say hi” to the forever happy four-legged friend can be a serious mood booster and even better, a walk to the nearest dog friendly cafe during lunch can really help clear our heads, and process ideas.

You might already work with an animal; but the four legged kind can make a much better coworker.

As explored already, the benefits are pretty outstanding, but there definitely some obstacles which need to be taken into account while making the decision on whether or not to go ahead with making your workplace dog friendly.

  • Pet proofing your office can be a costly venture. Pet costs can range from $400 to $1500 per pet, per year.


  • Accidental damages costs. It’s almost unavoidable that there would be little “accidents” in any office and having dogs in the office means the likelihood does increase. Making sure there are funds available for cleaning / restoration services is important.


  • Pet and Staff safety. Ensuring the safety of staff and pets should be taken seriously. Having each owner fill out a “resume” for their dog before being approved to bring their dog to work, as well as mandatory de-flea and worming for any dogs which enter the office is important to ensure the safety and health of everyone present.


  • Have clear rules around how dogs will be handled in the workplace to ensure they do not become a distraction or hindrance to productivity.

In the end, it’s up to each individual workplace to determine whether having a resident office dog suits them and will improve their office culture or not.

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