Product Launch: Rectifi | Digital8

Product Launch: Rectifi

Digital8 has recently launched its latest product Rectifi, a tool designed to streamline the process of getting insightful customer feedback.


If you’ve ever struggled with getting happy customers leaving 5-star reviews and unhappy customers providing feedback directly – Rectifi is the product for you.


It allows you to easily survey high volumes of customers to measure their satisfaction with your business using the Net Promoter Scoring system.


Rectifi surveys your customers and will automatically ask for feedback from customers that are ‘passives’ or ‘detractors’ of your brand and will send your ‘advocates’ to an external website to leave a testimonial such as Google or Facebook.

This ensures you have the opportunity to improve your business and resolve issues from customers that did not have a positive experience and encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews on sites such as Google and Facebook.
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