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Project Collaboration: Working alongside our new neighbors

It seems that businesses in the same industry will gravitate towards each other in the same way like-minded people do. Much like Silicon Valley, 17 Cordelia is also a hub for tech companies, however maybe to a lesser degree …

Digital8 and NetEngine have found themselves both in the same industry, the same building and probably competing for the same clients. Despite this we have managed to forge a positive professional relationship, collaborating on projects and working together to define web design in South Brisbane.

Unlike Digital8 who focus their efforts primarily on web design, app design and digital marketing, NetEngine specialises in software design. Their team of designers and developers dedicate themselves to their projects and seek to make a difference through their work. Their primary focus is on building new apps and platforms to streamline business efficiencies and systems.

It was a pragmatic and positive approach to collaboration that opened the door to the two organisations working together on a recent project. In this particular project, Digital8 were given a very fast turnaround time on quite a large project and needed the assistance of a very fast and very high-quality UI/UX team.

Designers Tim (Digital8) and Felix (NetEngine) worked together to respond to our client's spec. Together they created a scope, built a wireframe for the front end and developed a full UI/UX design. The collaboration was unique in the industry, however, was ultimately a success both professionally and on a technical level.

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