Samsung Galaxy S8: The Most Successful Launch Yet

Samsung Galaxy S8: The Most Successful Launch Yet

On Tuesday this week pre-orders for the new Galaxy S8 smashed all records the company has ever had. Revealing to the world that Samsung’s two latest smartphones are on track to be the company’s most successful launch yet.

Currently, Samsung’s spokespeople are playing coy on the precise number of pre-orders they have received, however, Samsung sold 51,060 Galaxy Note 7’s in its first two weeks on the Australian market. Richard Fink, Samsung Australia mobile division vice-president, has said that ‘pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, were outselling its previous flagship phone by double-digit percentage points even though Samsung it wasn’t even on show in stores yet.’

And it’s not just Australia – globally all markets are reporting a huge growth in sales/presales compared to the S7 launch. Impressively so, Samsung also reportedly sold over half a million of the new S8 smartphones just two days after launch, despite worldwide recalls of the previous model.

To learn more about the Galaxy S8 check out Samsung Galaxy S8: Objectively Brilliant. Otherwise all major Australian

All major Australian telecommunication companies have already announced plans to stock the new Samsung Galaxy S8 on April 28, additionally, buyers who pre-order will receive their phones from April 21.

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