Social Media Management

Having a social media presence without an appropriate strategy and plan can be just as damaging for your business as no plan at all. Social media marketing helps to validate your brand and strengthens customer loyalty. Need more help on how to validate your brand? Drop us a message and we shall send help in your way!

Digital8 is home to Brisbane’s best social media management experts that have the know how to drive results in powerful, new and responsible ways. Our staff have years of experience and have worked on some of the most successful digital campaigns worldwide.

Our social media management services include but are not limited to:

  • social media strategy

  • setting up new accounts

  • content creation

  • video production

  • community management

  • analytics and reporting

  • coaching and social media training

  • digital reputation management

You can trust Digital8 to manage your social media strategy, content creation, and the day to day execution. Or just one or two of those elements, it’s up to you.

We’ve been doing social media for years and have the best people in the business, having worked with pretty much any type of business imaginable, large or small and in a huge range of industries.

And not to keep harping on about it, but our holistic approach ensures that it will work in perfect unison with the rest of your online strategy.

Let us handle the ins and outs based on your goals and needs so that you can get on with running your business

If you’re Brisbane based just head on into our office at 17 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane. If you are in Australia but aren't Brisbane based, you can call us today on 1300 382 777 or send us through an enquiry to get started.


Why Choose Digital8?

We’re willing to bet that if you haven’t already been through multiple digital agencies, you’ve likely heard a few horror stories. This is exactly what our marketing services are in response to.

In growth industries such as social media, SEO, and SEM there will always be a number of disorganised backyard operations trying to take advantage of the situation until a market leader comes along to stabilise things. Simply put, we aim to be that company.

When you engage us to work alongside you with your social media, we will:

  1. Not make any plans until we have listened to your needs and established your goals

  2. Offer crystal clear targets and projections

  3. Give you a detailed plan on exactly what we plan to do and why, up to 6 months in advance

  4. Share project progress with you in real time via detailed cloud documents which you can view at any time

Our entire reason for offering these services is to come to the rescue with a level of professionalism, creativity and accountability that we feel is sorely lacking in this field.

We also employ thought leaders throughout the realms of SEO, SEM and social media to drive results in powerful, new and responsible ways. Our staff have years of experience and have worked on some of the most successful digital campaigns worldwide.

So give us a call today on 1300 382 777 or send us an enquiry and let’s get you a real digital marketing strategy!


Digital8 Other Services

Our other fundamental services are marketing strategy, SEO, SEM, as well as website and app design and development.

Delivering digital strategy, world-class websites, mobile apps, e-commerce solutions, and custom software to business in Brisbane and around the world.

We will work in partnership with your business to formulate the best digital strategy, design, develop and implement it.

Need a spark of inspiration? Call us today on 1300 382 777.