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The Best Design Websites In Brisbane

Clothing designers, interior decorators, architects, graphic designers and other visual artists often struggle when it comes to expressing themselves in the digital medium. In some cases design principles that are considered staples of a certain industry do not translate effectively onto the web, so you will often see these sorts of websites getting in their own way with ineffective user interface design and either too much on the page, or not enough.

At the same time though it is important that as a designer you use your website to show off your design skills. The question is, do you want your website to make you look like an apt designer-general or an apt designer in your own field. The answer is unclear, but if you can find a balance, then as in anything you will accomplish the most.

Below are some examples of local Brisbane design relevant businesses that have employed brilliant web design to tell the story of their brand.

Highgate House

Interior Design

Clayfield’s Highgate House have been at the pinnacle of the Brisbane interior design community for the past two decades. Specialising in “thoughtful, luxurious interiors” their website reflects their speciality with a minimalist white design and large hero images on their home page ensuring that their work is the focus of their website. At no point do you get confused about your intention on the website, everything is clean and easy to navigate. A true reflection of their reputation for quality.

Black Milk

Fashion Label

Fortitude Valley’s Black Milk are almost a household name these days. Their website is their business; Black Milk are one of the largest online distributors of self produced fashion in the world today. Bucking the trend of ecommerce websites displaying numerous shopping products front and centre and in your face, Black Milk invites you in with a non confronting motif (at present a countdown to a new season) and numerous navigation options on the front page offering, not demanding, you search for products to purchase. Black Milk have crafted a website that won’t scare you away, instead giving you a mysterious hint of what might be inside.




Restaurant, Branding, Industrial Design

West End’s Holloway don’t know what they are, or at the very least don’t want you to assume what they are, that is aside from artists. Restaurateurs, branding consultants, eyeglass producers and watch builders are some of the many things these two super talented guys run out of their beautiful West End cottage studio. Their good website principle is a reflection of their eye for design, with classy imagery sliding on a dark design, somehow miraculously managing to pull all their many offerings together to make sense. The intuitive design skill of Martin and Raphael is almost otherworldly at times. Did I mention that you can purchase unbelievably beautifully crafted watches and glasses on their website, fashioned out of reclaimed materials? These are the guys you wish you were.



Magellan Space

Full Service Building Design

Husband and wife duo John and Tatiana Magalhaes are world travelled designers with a focus on new home development and design, interior decorating and drafting. One of a number of bespoke design companies in Brisbane today, Magellan stand alone as offering an end to end home design solution due to their multi-talented educational portfolios. Their website reflects this modern bespoke touch with a light/dark contrast design, subtle social media calls to action and quirky post-modern imagery.



Bright Yellow

Graphic Design

Bright Yellow continue the tradition of design agencies to take a random colour and a random word and squish it together but ultimately their website is a reflection of the quirky yet sophisticated nature of what they bring to the table. A stand out in a room full of websites that seem to try too hard to deliver something they aren’t. What you see is no doubt what you get.

We’ll be sure to continue posting more great examples in the near future!

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