Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, Apple Gains a Camera, Loses a Jack

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back, Apple Gains a Camera but Loses a Jack

Get out your votive black turtleneck, gift your loved ones with a U2 album and say goodbye to your headphone jack… It’s Apple Announcement day and here is what we have to say. With the Apple Announcement still in our hearts, it is time to decide what we think and how we feel about these new updates. From Pokemon GO! now being available on the Apple Watch to the loss of a headphone jack, I am here to guide you through your feelings and explore what this means to us all.

The iPhone 7

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus yesterday, however, it was actually announced on twitter earlier in the week. As always, Apple claims to have officially perfected the device to be as beautiful and clean as ever. Regardless of how often Apple makes this claim, this time, I would have to agree. Both models of the iPhone 7 come in the usual selection of colours, however now with the option of glossy jet black. A few of the other changes include an increased brightness of 25%, internal antennas, improvements in the water resistant technology and a brand new A10 fusion chip.

But now for the fun stuff!



This is a huge change to both the user experience and thaesthetic of the phone, however, it is not the time to stress just yet. Included in the box with your phone you will receive an adapter for your headphones, which will be functional through the lightning charger port. As shocking as this change will be, I can’t help but think back to the uproar that occurred in 2012 when Apple changed its charger. We cannot deny it… Apple knows what we need better than anyone.


In light of these changes, Apple has also introduced new wireless headphones. Apple, using their own W1 chip, have designed these headphone to seamlessly connect to the new iPhones. These headphones are projected to set you back between $150-$300, but we are assuming, given the success of the Airpods, that they will be well worth it.


But back to the iPhone 7, once again we say goodbye to a classic feature, the clicky home button. Apple has taken this feature away and instead replaced it with the technology that they use for their MacBook trackpads. The new home button will provide touch feedback with the taptic engine to ensure the same user experience as before.


The Camera

Apple has integrated another camera for a double camera feature on the rear end of the phone. This new camera will allow you to have two different focal points, have the option between a wide angle or a telephoto lens, and finally, it has a feature called “depth.” Depth will allow you to employ a greater depth of field in your photography, meaning this new iPhone 7 could fast become the top pick for the mobile photography movement.


Second Generation Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has not changed in a physical way, but it has developed a lot internally. The Watch now sports an S2 chip and has doubled in brightness. The new Watches have also got some pretty serious new changes, they are now waterproof up to 50m and come with built-in GPS systems! This makes the new Watches more targeted to the athletes of the world, and nothing could prove this idea more than the revelation that Nike officially has their own Apple Watch design.


Nintendo partnership

There have been some interesting developments with the relationship between Nintendo and Apple. Creator Shigeru Miyamoto attended the apple announcement and shared that he will be releasing new Mario games exclusive to iOS software. What’s more exciting, now that the Apple Watch has GPS it has also been announced as a new Pokemon Go! platform, you can officially download the game to your Watch and use it to hatch your eggs. (YYASS)

iOS 10

iOS 10 is on its way and set to be released on the 13th of this month. This update will be bringing some of the biggest changes that the iOS software has ever seen. The update will include a lot of changes and development’s for Siri, who at this point can already handle transcribing voicemails and search for images. More excitingly for some, iOS 10 will open up iMessage and Siri for developers!

What do we think?

We here at Digital8 couldn’t be more excited. There are a few changes we are nervous about, but overall, considering the new iOS, the lean into gaming and the new development in headphones,  this announcement is a huge leap into the future.

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