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We Love Digital Brisbane Events!

Last night I attended a “Digital Speed Matchmaking” event in Fortitude Valley with our Co-Founder Jeff and our good friend Sally from Nourish Coaching and we had a BLAST!

Brisbane really seems to have picked up in all things Digital over the past 5 years and it was amazing to be in a room with so many talented people both in our own and many other industries.

The cohesion and camaraderie amongst the newer school of digital businesses in this city was palpable in the room and it was easy to see why the current buzz exists here, it’s like the Seattle of startups!

(Look up “Grunge” if you’re unsure what that reference means)

As we floated around talking to SEO’s, PPC Experts, Social Media people, developers, designers & even a few emerging tech companies (of which we were proud to be one) it was clear to see that there is a wealth of talent happening right now and working together is the way to push this city into the future.

In the spirit of that we just wanted to make it absolutely (and very publicly) clear that Digital8 will work with any and every company who wants to find common ground whether you’re complimentary or in direct competition with us. We don’t care. We love collaboration, as is reflected in our office space, which we share out to other businesses ranging from video production to car parking companies.

Businesses can always find ways to contribute to each other in unexpected and innovative ways and we’re all for it.

Digital Avengers

Special thanks go out to Digital Brisbane (you can keep up on everything they’re up to here) for putting on the event. It was just the shot in the arm our motivation needed!


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