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We reviewed a few of our favourite apps for Friday!

To inspire app developers in Brisbane and to have a bit of fun on a Friday, we’ve reviewed (and expanded on the idea of) five engaging, quirky apps ranging from pointless to practical. Enjoy!

For the Music Lovers

After scrolling through hundreds of top 10 App Pinterest board, we stumbled upon this one, which left us feeling like an amateur DJ and we liked it. Using napkins and a black pen, we drew a face then a ladder and it miraculously turned into a beat.

It makes us wonder, what could our app developers at Digital8 turn this concept into? We’re imagining scrolling through a modern image board and listening to music, which automatically changes depending on the mood of the image I am looking at. That would be pretty cool!

This app from Ed Burton can turn any sketch into a new tune, it’s called Tunetrace for iPhone and iPad, why not give it a whirl and be inspired?

For Young Minds

This app brought back fond memories of a visit to Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. The SquiggleFish app is a miniature version of this museum exhibit that blends physical and digital play. 

The idea is that children can draw a fish on white paper using a thick black pen for its outline, then scan it in using their iPad’s camera to watch an animated version swim around a virtual fish-tank. Imagine the potential applications! 

This is what we love about the app market right now. Someone creates a cool basic concept and the rest of the app design market runs with it to create cool new expanded ideas! 

We could imagine this working well for an organisation like GOMA (The Gallery of Modern Art) here in Brisbane.

For the Romantics

We sent this WeddingDJ app to a friend who recently got engaged as it will save the couple money and time on a real band or DJ and will reduce the risk of problems. 

It has a perfectly efficient and organised playlist layout and works on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Could there be any other niche playlist apps missing in the market?

For the Creatives

Imagine not having a design budget but having an app that turns ordinary text into beautiful typography. For content-driven apps, this is a perfect way to save money. 

Notegraphy is a web and mobile app that turns any text into beautiful modern, typography-inspired designs. 

Or alternatively, for design-restricted budgets, you could just call our app developer in Brisbane to develop directly from a clean wireframe and add the design later when you need it. 

Noteworthy App

For Your Sense of Humour

If you love a good laugh, iSwap Faces is both a hideous and hilarious way to spend an afternoon with friends.

A free app is a lot cheaper than your average board game but you can also get versions for a minimal $1.99 download that allows you to control where exactly the face is located and blend the faces together just to make it that much worse. 

This is going to be our long-time humour weapon for Friday afternoon drinks at the office!

And remember, if you’ve got a crazy, great app idea, contact us on 1300 382 777 or shoot us an email! We are the best app designers in Brisbane and beyond.

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