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What is Drupal

When you hire a third party to undergo a web development project for your company there is a range of software that your product will be potentially made from. Often, if your project is related to developing a website Drupal will be one of the software that developers will use to create your website. For non-tech heads this does beg the question, what is Drupal?


So, what is Drupal? In essence drupal is a free open source software that many people use to develop and manage a range of sites, including but not limited to blogs, portals, forums, intranets, social networking sites and resource directories. Ultimately, Drupal offers a content management platform and a web development framework.

Drupal began as a bulletin system developed and grew into an open source program in late 2001. The software is now ready to use upon download and includes add on modules and a web based installer.

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