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What is React Native?

When working with our clients to develop apps we discuss all of the platforms that we believe will successfully support their product/idea. Regularly we are questioned what the different softwares are and in particular we are often asked, what is react native? So here's the rundown on what react native is in its simplest form.

React Native is the newest generation of React (React, released in 2013 by Facebook and Instagram, is a Javascript code library.) What separates React and React Native is that Native offers a platform to write apps for specific operating systems (such as android and iOS.) React Native enables developers the chance to reuse code on mobile ad across the web.  

Using React native also means that engineers won't have to build the same app for different operating systems from scratch allowing for a faster development phase. From the buyers perspective using this operating system can be a lot more cost effective as you essentially only need one developer  to write your app for all platforms.

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