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What is Web Development

Web development is a broad term that can range from developing the simplest of websites, such as one page of plain text, to developing the most complex of online-based e-commerce applications. Ultimately, web development encompasses (but is not limited to) web engineering, web content development, web server and network security.

The face of web development is forever changing and has now gone beyond being just a tool for commerce and work. To give you a snapshot of the development we are seeing today we can look at platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which have exploited web dev tools to create platforms that provide users with a way to connect and communicate to others in a personal and interactive way. On a smaller scale, websites that have added a live chat feature are engaging in similar technologies.   

If you are a business of any size developing a website is crucial. Every business, big or small needs a website. In the modern age, a digital presence is one of the core ways to get clients through your door. At Digital8 we provide our clients with custom frontend and backend web development using open source platforms, including Drupal and WordPress.

We collaborate with our clients to create responsive websites that are easy to understand and interact with. Our websites are built to support search engine optimisation and user experience. Our team can build websites from the ground up or integrate your old website with new technology to improve the usability of your site and enhance your website's message.

At Digital8 we work with you so that you have the option to maintain control of your website's content. Our frontend and backend website developers are experts in their fields and can create custom websites for all budgets.

To learn more about web development or for a commitment free chat contact us today!

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