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What We Have Done and What’s to Come

This year we have taken on some awesome projects such as Drinkz, B4 and Goodstart. The work we have done with these companies has been challenging, but ultimately rewarding for the team and all who worked on the projects. Projects such as these often bring the team together, and our clients were truly impressed with the end results.

Our work on Goodstart involved a total upgrade to Kentico 9 and was undertaken by one of our lead developers and owner, Alex and was assisted by our full stack developer Martin. Together these two spent months on this project, ironing out any and all kinks.

Jordan work on Drinkz has also been wrapped up and after 2 months of consulting and working hard on the app, Rod Cohen, the owner of Drinkz, has worked hard with the team and ready to launch his rebuilt product. For those of you who don’t know, Drinkz is an app designed to track who’s ‘shout’ it is for the next round of drinks and allows up to 8 members to be in a “session.” The app has awesome functions such as being able to select your preferred drink and a feature that chooses who has the next round. Check out Drinkz on their facebook and get excited for the launch!

Additionally we have heaps of awesome projects lined up for 2017! We will be working with Barry Bros, Future Anything, Miyabi and Puccto to create brand new websites and we will be sharing the process with you as we get them underway!

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