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5 Reasons Why CMS is Important for Small Businesses

There are many reasons why a Content Management System (CMS) is important to your business. If you read our last blog post “8 signs that your website is out of date”, you will know that one of the biggest factors preventing lead generation is that the website has an extremely old CMS or doesn’t even have one. A good CMS makes frequent content updates possible because it’s friendly to staff with no knowledge of programming languages, which is why it’s such a powerful tool. Choosing the right CMS lays a solid foundation for your long-term digital marketing strategy.

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The ways CMS can help you as a small business owner or marketing manager can be summarised into 5 points:

1. You can take control over the website

CMS allows you to take control of your own website even when you don’t have the knowledge of programming languages. This means you no longer have to describe how you want your content to be presented to a third party outside of your marketing team because you will be able to update the content by yourself, which is especially good for small businesses with no in-house tech support. A CMS makes it easy for you to make minor changes and tune up immediately.

website control

2. Standardised uniform pages increase efficiency and brand consistency

A CMS allows you to duplicate a page template initially programmed by your web designer and edit it into a new page immediately. The CMS templates keep your site well-organised and consistently branded. It also allows you to streamline your workflow; for example, when your marketing specialist posts a blog, changes can only be made towards the blog content, which secures the website from any risk caused by accidental code changes.  


3. Optimising your site to rank in Google search result

One of the key reasons why CMS is such an essential component of your business site is that it gives you and your marketing team the freedom to create search friendly content, which in turn offers you a traffic channel called “organic search”. Most modern CMSs have out of the box SEO tooling.

optmise website

4. Extensible functionality

One thing about CMS is that it supports your function expansion so it makes sure your website has the capacity when your business is expanded and needs more functionalities. Some of the most popular CMS, such as Drupal and WordPress, all have modules or plugins to meet your growing business needs. If you get a professional web developer to take care of your business site, they will make sure the backend of the website is organised and suitable for future changes instead of a pile of messy code.

website design

5. Keeping your customers happy

Most CMS support functions essential to customer services, such as FAQ, support forms and live chat. This makes sure you or your sales team can reach out to your clients or potential leads on time so you won’t lose them to your competitors.

CMS support

Now that you know the reasons why CMS is important for your business, you might want to choose the right CMS for your business site now.  Digital8 will help you to analyse and create unique website design in Brisbane and add advanced SEO techniques to your website. Also we are the leading Google Adwords management agency in Brisbane. No worries, we also have the resource for that; check out our free CMS choosing guide.



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