Neto & Digital8 Partner to Support Australian Businesses During COVID-19

Neto & Digital8 Partner to Support Australian Businesses During COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 poses a huge threat to all Australian businesses. In response to this unprecedented situation, Digital8 in partnership with Neto, are offering support to Australian businesses by offering rapid, cost-efficient eCommerce and digital transformation packages. The goal of this project is to help as many Australian businesses as possible continue to operate in spite of the pandemic, and to trade with the least interruption possible during the period of social isolation and shutdowns.

One of the biggest challenges that Australians face as a result of enforced social distancing and quarantining will be how to protect our job providers, small, medium businesses and particularly retail stores from the seemingly inevitable economic slowdown. Businesses transforming to digital delivery models will be the first and most effective way to accomplish this.     —  Joe McCord, Digital8 General Manager

3 million small and medium businesses are the mainstay of Australia’s economy (Frydenberg 2020). In order to service as many businesses in need as possible, Digital8 have appointed a dedicated team of Brisbane-based developers, designers, and marketers to deliver cost-efficient eCommerce solutions to help businesses minimise the extent of damage the virus outbreak brings

Partnering with Neto gives the Digital8 eCommerce team the confidence to deliver best practice eCommerce solutions with results in mind. Neto is Australia’s #1 all-in-one eCommerce platform and the only Australian CMS that takes care of businesses’ online selling experience each step of the way. Neto have generously offered their support and premium themes at no cost. 

While consumer behaviour change has been drastic, there are strong indications that digital businesses remain relatively unimpacted. Some retailers are reporting increases to sales with Amazon themselves seeking to rapidly employ over 100,000 new staff to cope with the increased demand (Sterling 2020). The opportunity to leverage digital channels to market your business will also be improved by the increased usage of online social platforms and people being forced to stay at home. This project is expected to broaden market opportunities for many businesses and to put forward digitisation as the key to solving some of Australia’s most urgent economic challenges. This effort would be magnified by government support to small businesses to cover setup costs, with funds available quickly and we call on local, state and federal government to provide funding to businesses that need to digitally transform to protect their continuity and the livelihoods of their employees. 

Click here to learn more about this partnership and brief your project to the team. 

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