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What is SEO?

The world of SEO is confusing and vague, many people still do not truly understand what SEO is nor how crucial it is for modern businesses. The first thing to know about SEO is what it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is exactly as it sounds and involves optimising your website so it ranks well in search engines.

The internet is inundated with websites all in competition for the top spot on Google, because of this it is now more important than ever to ensure you are employing SEO tactics and optimising your website in all the right ways. Successful SEO should be a combination of link building, optimised content and a correctly structured website. The beautiful thing about well-executed SEO is how well it translates into user experience. A well-optimised website, with stellar keyword-rich content, is a site that will naturally attract users, or traffic, to help to build a loyal client base.

In the context of SEO, you will be able to find different aspects such as local SEO optimization, technical SEO methods, link building strategies and advanced SEO strategies. Each and every aspect play a vital role in search engine ranking and ranking factors.

At Digital8, we mix traditional search engine optimisation tactics with added flair. We employ an innovative approach to SEO, ensuring we use white hat tactics to put your website at the top of Google’s rankings. Our team will work with you to run analytics and build links whilst simultaneously producing captivating content and optimising your CMS for Google crawlers.

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