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What To Look For In Good SEO

When on the hunt for a good SEO company you will inevitably be bombarded with many strategic proposals that offer a wide range of SEO strategies. Often it can become hard to decipher what strategies are good and what is bad. The thing about SEO is there are so many ways you can achieve a good result that for me to list them off would be mindless, so, instead I will share with you some of the red flags that you will come across whilst on your hunt for a good SEO company.

Red Flag 1: “Set And Forget SEO Is A Thing”

It is not uncommon for larger digital marketing agencies to promote a “set and forget” SEO model. This website practice is a huge red flag that they do not have your company’s best interests at heart. It is crucial that the SEO plan you implement for your company is based on the needs of your business’ obstacles, your industry’s challenges, your contacts and your goals.

Red Flag 2: “There’s Only One Way To Boost Search Rankings”

If a company tells you there is only one way to do something, they are usually lying. When an SEO company tells you that it’s their strategy or the highway, they too are not telling you the truth. Yes, there are good ways and bad ways to do it, but SEO is a delicate science and depending on how search engines respond to your activities you will have to continuously change your strategies to make sure you are targeting your weaknesses.

TIP: Digital marketing companies that offer an “exclusive network of link producing websites” are practising black hat SEO and companies that employ these tactics on their websites are on Google’s top hit list

Red Flag 3: A One Man SEO Company

You would be surprised at the amount of “SEO Companies” that turn out to be just a man in a room spamming emails back and forth to contractors all over the world who are doing the bulk of the work for him. Outsourcing is a common practice and isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to SEO, outsourced work will not show the same quality results that local SEO will.

TIP: Location is a surprisingly huge part of SEO and our Brisbane SEO team will be able to provide full scale SEO strategy with quality links come from sources that are local to your business.

Red Flag 4: “It’s quantity over quality”

Good SEO takes time, so you should always question proposals or strategies that involve “quick SEO.” The companies that promise you fast SEO, will usually get you to rank quickly on a range of keywords, however, the quality of the keywords is often very low and in turn will bring in no new leads. This kind of deceptive SEO is meaningless and is a black hole for your money, you need to ensure that you have an understanding of the keywords that are being targeted for your company, and measure their success.

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