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Augment General Counsel Website Launch

In April we launched a brand new website for Augment General Counsel, and with great success!

Digital8 was asked to create a new website for Augment General Counsel, as their old website was outdated and did not represent the brand well enough anymore. Augment provided us with a mood-board, in order to make sure we understood how they envisioned the website to look like in the end. Lynne, one of our developers who worked on the website, found the mood-board extremely useful – as it helped the developers to quickly recognise what the company wanted in terms of the designs.

The new website had to present the same information as the previous website, but in a more interesting way. This was done by using a variety of visuals and an alternating lay-out, creating a visually enticing look for the website – without it being disturbing to the visitor.

Augment General Counsel is a law firm based in Sydney, New South Wales. Augment General Counsel is a segment of Augment, a knowledge services firm operating in the Asia Pacific – offering services such as legal, governance, and business consultancy.

The new Augment General Counsel website has a straightforward but engaging design, leading the visitor through the pages – making sure they are handed the information they are looking for in a delightful manner. The website header helps the visitor navigate their way through the website, while the footer shows the visitor all necessary information to get in touch with the firm and its three locations.

The website’s team page features members of the Augment team, including a photograph of each member and a description of their academic and professional path so far. The resources and contact page both include optimised forms, set up in such a manner that all necessary personal information from the visitor is collected – whilst also enhancing the ease of filling out the form for the visitors.

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