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Website Not Mobile Friendly? You’ve got 14 days to innovate or die!

Okay, slightly dramatic statement perhaps, but it’s not at all untrue. The SEO Community is awash right now with conversations around Google’s as yet unnamed (an animal name at least) “Mobile Friendly Algorithm update” set to be released exactly 2 weeks from today.

Not to overstate the weight of the situation, it has been touted even by Google staff themselves as bigger than both Penguin & Panda.

So what does this mean for the average business? To put it simply, that mobile redesign you’ve been putting off for your website?

Mobile-Friendly Importance 

Things are about to get pretty terrible for anyone lagging behind in this respect and to be fair to Google they’ve been talking about the importance of mobile for a very long time. I guess they feel that enough is enough and businesses that can’t step up are going to have to be left in the innovators’ dust.

It’s definitely not as though they’re doing this for no reason either. Last year for the first time ever, mobile access overtook desktop access as has been an inevitability for quite a few years now as better smartphones & tablets continue to kill off the PC (and lately even Laptop) markets worldwide. Mobile search is also due to overtake desktop search this year, hence the move from Google.

Mobile-Friendly Importance

Mobile Trending 

Let’s be honest here, if you’re not mobile friendly by now then you’ve likely only got yourself to blame. Starting on a mobile website even today probably wouldn’t have you ready in time, but at the very least you should be able to minimise the amount of time this affects you by getting mobile friendly as soon as humanly possible!

Remember folks, at the end of the day, Google is just trying to service the end user with relevant, positive experiences. You can’t blame them or allow yourself to fall into the trap of thinking “it’s all just gotten too hard” when they decide to get in front of mobile devices trending. It would be terrible business practice for them not to. 

Plus, why would you as a business not want to follow the lead of arguably one of the most successful businesses of all time and follow consumers into the mobile realm? I’m willing to bet that a good portion of you are reading this blog on a mobile device and if you’re not, you’ll use one before the day is done. Time to wake up and smell the internet!


You could always talk to your friendly neighbourhood website developer about how to make this happen, but whatever you do, don’t put this off any longer if you value your business and have any reliance whatsoever on your website. It simply isn’t worth the pain.

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