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When & Why You Should Choose Drupal

The short answer for “why choose Drupal” is that is is the same Content Management System (CMS) trusted by the White House, the Australian Government, The Economist, Al Jazeera, the City of Los Angeles, Brisbane City Council, Virgin Australia, Flight Centre, by the Royal Mail, Timex International, Harvard University and QUT, we can go further with this examples, but maybe you have got the idea, from Government to E-Commerce, from Education to News Corporation's when  things are getting tough it is Drupal that can do the job. But, yes, do not worry, Drupal can handle also smaller jobs too.

The long answer it is that Drupal is one of the best Open source CMS in the world (if not the best) that can scale to the enterprise level and handle millions of requests a day without losing speed. Drupal has built-in cache systems that can scale from small to large websites. It can be easily integrated with external cache systems such as Varnish or Memcached (to say few). It can be integrated with powerful search engines as Elasticsearch and Apache Solr. When it comes to the external use of API’s, Drupal can handle all of it and more! 

Did you need a multilingual CMS? Nothing compares with Drupal, and that it is from his nature of being a European-born in Belgium by the hands of Dries Buytaert- “citizen” that it was created to reflect the European reality – a community made up of many made of a lot of languages.

Did you say security? Drupal has proven, during its life that can reach standards that reach only in closed systems (where the code it is not known to the public). This feature can be attributed to Drupal's dedicated security team and to one of the largest developer communities in the world that in a short time can respond to any issue can arise (as of December 2016 there are more than 2.500.000 members).

Do you need complex workflows and content architecture? Drupal offers flexible architecture, your content can be managed in the way you want by who you want at the time you want and only at the level you want. You are in total control of your content.

Did we miss something that you are concerned about? Drupal will surely have you covered, but give us a call just to check!

Now, let’s now take a look at “when” to use Drupal. The short answer, when your project is important and you are ready to invest the money that it deserves.

What we mean it is that if you need a “quick” website with a pre-build template it is better to use other CMS, as WordPress. This is more rapid to deploy and set-up, but obviously this come with a cost, that can be that your website can be more easily hacked or at some point some functionality can’t be deployed. Additionally, certain functionalities you may want to be deployed are costly as a plugin may be your only option. In its most basic form – If you want to build a blog, use WordPress; if you want to build WordPress. use Drupal. That said, it’s your choice based on your budget, and you can call Digital8 for an obligation free chat so we can help you make the right decision.

For further help see the infographic on right.


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